Lyme Disease

Why You Need Medical Attention

If you’re fighting with Lyme disease, there is a unique infection brewing inside of you. Lyme disease pain can be so debilitating that you will not be able to perform typical daily activities. Our medical professionals are here to give you the answers that you need to address this pain permanently.

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Do You Need a Pain Doctor?

The Options Our Doctors Provide

We specialize in pain removal therapies. From the moment you walk into our clinic, you are going to be treated in a professional manner and diagnosed using the latest techniques and equipment to fit your particular problem.

We take a holistic approach to your care, which means that in addition to addressing the Lyme disease, we are going to help you create a lifestyle change program to further improve your situation. This is all done in a safe, friendly environment.

The Answers You Need Are Here

Don’t let Lyme disease control your health. Take control of your body. Schedule an appointment with the physicians of the Texas Pain Relief Group today.

How Our Pain Doctors Can Help!

Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Then you came to the right place.

Unfortunately, pain and Lyme disease go hand-in-hand. The severity of the pain you experience will vary depending on the effect the disease is having on you. It could be a dull ache, or it could be an excruciating paralyzing pain. You may be in agony for just one hour, or the pain may stick with you for days on end.

Our goal in treating our clients is to help them completely eliminate pain from their lives. Lyme disease can affect you by causing you to have symptoms like:

  • Arthritis Pain in Your Joints, Particularly Your Knees and Other Large Joints
  • Intermittent Tendon and Muscle Pain
  • Pain Affecting Your Bones
  • Nerve Pain

We can help treat your pain! Schedule an appointment with the physicians of Texas Pain Relief Group today.

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The Doctors Behind Our Pain Solutions

Dr. Prasad Lakshminarasimhiah, MD Pain Medicine at Physician Partners of America

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Luis Nieves MD - Pain Physician in PPOA

LuisNieves, MD

1717 Precinct Line Road, Suite 200B Hurst, TX 76054
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