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Sarasota, FL

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Amy had been a vibrant athlete, EMT and in the funeral home business before knee injuries and back pain took away her previous quality of life. She no longer felt able to play golf, basketball, go boating or even walk her yorkie further than a block up the street.

“I just had uncontrollable back pain,” says Amy. “I went to other doctors but all they did was short term ablation and medication.” Amy was frustrated and unhappy. Then she found her way to Dr. John Scott Adams at PPOA.

“I read Dr. Adams’ profile and went to see him and immediately felt really confident he could help! Dr. Adams mentioned spinal cord stimulator and I was just really excited about it. The doctor said I would be a great candidate for the procedure and within 3 months, I was scheduled. Then I had it implanted. When I got home, I could walk!”

“I feel like I stand taller, I’m stronger, I went bowling for the first time in 20 years. I played golf and didn’t end up in bed the whole next day! I went on a boat ride and it’s been great!”

Amy says this is first time she has been able to enjoy many activities she gave up over 13 years ago when she started to have knee surgeries. “One doctor wanted to put 2 steel rods in my back and limit my range of motion… basically fuse my back and I said ‘absolutely not.’”

Amy said the results of her spinal cord stimulator have been life changing. “I used to be 6-feet tall,” said Amy, “but after multiple knee surgeries and years of work that put my back out of whack, I was shorter and walked with an impaired gait. Now I can walk up the street and I am thrilled to be featured in the PPOA patient success story.”


Dallas, TX

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For 54 years, I have been in constant pain. I have tried literally everything to relieve the pain in my lower right side and the HF10 spinal cord stimulator is the only thing that has worked.

I was born in Oklahoma but have spent the past 33 years in Texas. Since 1965, I have experienced neurogenic pain in my right knee. I have had two knee replacements and the nerves telling my right knee and my right foot what to do did not work. It was an ongoing cycle of not sleeping, not being able to walk more than short distances, and not being able to do everyday activities.

I have tried so many remedies to get my pain under control. Previous doctors had me on many pain medications to the point where I built up a tolerance to them so even they could not mask the pain. I met Dr. Lopez and Dr. Prasad who worked with me on finding something that will not just mask the pain, but relieve the pain in a healthy way. Dr. Prasad with Physician Partners of America’s Frisco clinic helped me decide that the HF10 spinal cord stimulator would be my best bet. I received the implant in the fall of 2019 and cannot believe the difference.

It’s like night and day. I am sleeping better, walking better, and just feel better all around. I am still mentally trying to get used to the fact that I can do what I used to not be able to do. After 54 years of being so cautious of my right leg, every time I walk now I have to tell myself “you can do this now, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Go ahead and do your thing!”

I am getting better every day. I am looking forward to taking my dogs on a walk with my daughter and two granddaughters. My wife also booked us a European cruise for this summer where I will be able to show off my strength.

Dr. Prasad was just great. He was so personable and got the job done. I am so thankful to finally have my life back.


Tampa, FL

Read Glenda's Story

In 2017, I fell off of a ladder in my own home and it changed my life. I had no idea what chronic pain felt like until I injured my thoracic spine.

Before my accident, I was very active in working out, in my job, and with family including grand kids. After the incident, I had trouble doing every day things that most people take for granted. Activities such as picking up my cat’s litter, brushing my teeth, and even sleeping became unbearable. I have not had a good nights sleep in years and I had some level of pain every minute of every day. It never went away.

After 5 orthopedic surgeons, acupuncture, different exercises, physical therapy, medical marijuana, epidural injections, and even steroids nothing seemed to relieve my pain. I began to think I was going to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

My friend who has been to Physician Partners of America before suggested them to me. It was located a bit further away from my house but I knew it was worth it if they could potentially give me my life back. I met with Dr. James St. Louis and the whole Habana team and before I knew it, we were talking about my options and how they were going to help me get better.

In September of 2019 I received a spinal nerve incision around my thoracic spine. Now, I feel unstoppable. The very first night after the procedure was the best night of sleep I have gotten in such a long time. I am looking forward to doing many things that I wasn’t able to since the accident. Mostly just resuming normal life and doing everyday tasks without compensating.

I am so thankful to Dr. James St. Louis for helping me realize my pain is not forever. I would recommend this team to anyone and am so thrilled to have my life back.


Tampa, FL

Read Larry's Story

Growing up on a ranch, my whole life was labor. I would work in the garden and take care of the horses that I rode for years. I would get kicked and thrown off of these horses all of the time but I loved it so I continued, even though it probably was not the best for my health. Around the house up until my chronic pain began, I would move heavy planter pots and work in the garden for hours. Eventually, all of that strain caught up to me and it became a domino effect with my pain.

The First symptom I noticed was weakening in my right leg. Following that was numbness and cramps every night in both of my legs. I began to do pilates- a low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving posture and flexibility- which helped manage my pain for a bit, but after an unfortunate fall on mine and my wife’s boat, I knew I needed to seek further help. The agony you go through when you are suffering from chronic pain is unmatched. It is not only physical, but psychological too. That’s when I contacted Dr. James St. Louis at PPOA’s Habana location in Tampa.

After talking with Dr. St Louis about my options, we agreed on a lumber laminectomy and frenectomy due to my damaged disc. Following the surgery, I felt immediate relief. My wife asked me if I could feel my feet and I was able to tell her yes for the first time in a while.

Post-procedure, I am looking forward to getting back to pilates, boating, and traveling. We had to cancel a couple of trips due to my pain but I am so happy that is all behind me now. I highly suggest Dr. St Louis and his team. They provided me pain relief and in-turn, gave me my life back.


Great Falls, MT

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The personal care the PPOA staff has provided my wife and I is just unmatched and we are so grateful for the care. We would recommend Dr. Menmuir and Dr. St. Louis over and over again and cannot wait to share our experience with our friends back home.

I am an Air Force veteran and incidents within that field led me to the pain I am in today. I am 100% combat disabled but the VA and my local hospital would not support what I needed to relieve my pain. They just wanted to stick plates on me and call it a day, but I didn’t want that because that is not a quality life to me.

They told me that the pain I am feeling is just something I was going to have to get used to and there is nothing they can do for my left arm which I could not feel anymore.

Being from a small town in Montana, we did a lot of research and found Physician Partners of America. After thinking there was no hope, Cindy and I were so relieved to find a medical office that didn’t just want to put plates in us.

PPOA gave us hope that we would have our life back and be able to travel and hold our grandchildren again and that is what they did. Recovery has been great so far and I
couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Cindy and I are a team. We work together and support each other so when we were both in so much pain, we figured, why not just get surgeries at the same time?

Cindy (one week post-procedure):

I have been in pain for over ten years which at this point feels like a lifetime. My back and neck pain was caused by everyday life. It sneaks up on you. I have four children and used to install wallpaper for a living, which definitely contributed to the chronic discomfort. I thought it was just what many people have and kept getting massages which would provide temporary relief, but the pain would always come back. I got so many massages, my oldest daughter became a masseuse!


Collins County, KS

Read Roger's Story

I’ve had back pain off and on. I grew up on a farm and baled hay from about age 14. I was also a meat-cutter and at one point could throw a 100 lb. box over my head. For a while I was an over-the-road trucker and did a lot of sitting.

The pain started about two years ago and got worse. Sometimes it was one leg, sometimes the other, and sometimes both. I thought they would collapse, they hurt so bad. I was walking with a cane and was afraid I would be in a wheelchair in another year, at the rate I was going. I lie in a town with no gas station, no grocery store, and one grain elevator. We investigated a few places but the cost was prohibitive.

My wife did an internet search and found Dr. Kravetz. He takes insurance and Medicare. But more than that, his credentials really impressed me. He explained everything in detail – even drawing pictures. Elizabeth Hernandez, his practice manager, was so sweet and helpful.

Back in October my wife and I drove a day plus four hours to Hurst and I had the procedure. It wasn’t all joy and laughter for the first few weeks but now I’m almost pain-free. I am very pleased with Dr. Kravetz and have told several friends about him

Adds his wife, Billie,
who hand-wrote our office a letter:

Dr. Kravetz has really given Roger a new lease on life. He
can enjoy life again and walk normally – no more cane! He is able to work in the
garage and do chores again… The staff continued to call several months after
the procedure to check on Roger to see if he had any questions. Driving from Kansas to Texas was well worth
it. Thank you, Dr. Kravetz!


Marengo, OH

Read Paul's Story

I had back pain for over 29 years. I did manual labor for my job, I was always working with motors and transmissions which definitely took a toll on my back. What really made me want to do something about the pain was when I got into a car accident in 1990. After that, I wasn’t sure my pain would ever be fixed. My fingers and toes became numb and I wasn’t able to do simple things I loved anymore like fishing.

I like fishing the old fashioned way and when my fingers became numb I couldn’t really tie the knot as well as I wished I could. I missed riding my motorcycle, or even something so little like sitting in the car for extended periods of time.

The pain basically got to the point where I couldn’t do anything for too long. After trying out different relief methods like chiropractors, massages, acupuncture, and cupping, I got some temporary relief but the pain always came back. My wife, Beverly, found Dr. St Louis online. We both made the trip down to Tampa from our small town in Ohio for a minimally invasive procedure.

After the surgery, I felt like Dr. St Louis gave me my life back. I regained feeling in my fingers and toes and it is still only getting better. Dr. St Louis and his team went more than above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

I am so thankful for this experience and am more than looking forward to fishing and getting back on my motorcycle again.


Franklin County, NY

Read Linda's Story

I was big into sports my whole life. That and raising two disabled children took a toll on my back. The really bad pain began in 2007, but I just tolerated it for a long time.

I live in a tiny upstate New York town near the Canadian border and have no access to specialists, but I’m in Florida for more than half the year. I went to an orthopedic surgeon near my home in Zephyrhills for a single level fusion.

During the surgery, a bone was shattered and shards of it went into my spine. No one knew they were in there for a long time but I was in such pain. When an MRI showed the fragments, the fusion was taken out and the surgeon removed as many bone fragments as he could find.

I had a second fusion and started going to rehab. Eight days later, I was in total agony. I was on pain medication but it only masked the problem.

With my history, no doctor would operate on me, my nerves were so damaged. I met Dr. Abraham Rivera, who worked miracles with injections and nerve ablations, but eventually I needed something more. He had just brought on Dr. James St. Louis and referred me for a consultation.

When you’re in chronic pain, you’ll do anything to get better and you’re so grateful for relief, so I went ahead with the procedure. The staff was wonderful and Dr. St. Louis explained everything he did in detail.

The cervical surgery he did has changed my life. Now I can walk farther. I can even swing a golf club again, which I wasn’t able to do for years. I recommend Dr. St. Louis and pass out his business cards all the time!

I plan to move back to New York permanently but I will come down to Dr. Rivera and St. Louis if I ever need them again. My case is very complex, so I may need another surgery down the road. I’m thinking about it, but the pain is so much less. I am so grateful for this help!

I look forward to going from 9 to 18 holes of golf, water aerobics and doing my own housework again.


Sun City Center, FL

Read Jessica's Story

I’ve been experiencing back pain ever since I could remember. Whether it was scoliosis, bulging discs, or sciatic nerves, I was never able to live my life as I should have.

I used to be a server and a bank teller, which took a bit of a toll on my back. My pain got to the point where I couldn’t work anymore. If I tried, I would be in agonizing pain after about 15 minutes and be in tears.

I found Dr. St. Louis through Dr. Jorge Leal, a PPOA pain management doctor, and we decided after a while that I needed to take a different course of action for my pain. I have now had two procedures: one through my neck and one on my lower back.

Most people take everyday things for granted, like being able to look up or from side to side – and that was painful for me. My range of motion was so limited. Even being able to sleep was a rarity in my life. After my laser spine procedures, I now have more range of motion in my neck, am almost pain-free, and I get a lot more sleep. I hope to get back to work someday soon.

These procedures were the best decisions I have ever made. The doctors were so incredibly friendly and accommodating and I trust them to the point where I have even referred my mother to them. I cannot wait to get my life back and start fishing and dancing again. I hope to get back to work someday soon, too.


Tampa, FL

Read Mike's Story

I knew I needed this surgery when I couldn’t stay at Disney World with my wife and 10-year-old son for more than an hour. The pain was so bad that I never went and felt I was missing out on his childhood, so I went. After an hour of walking, I had to stop every 15 steps. I barely made it back to the car.

These are the moments I missed with my four kids and seven grand kids. Going on field trips, throwing the baseball with my grand kids, and just everyday life.

My back pain began about 15 years ago and has progressively gotten worse. Before my procedure with Dr. St. Louis, I had severe lower back pain, sciatic nerve issues, and stiffness all around. I felt like everything had been taken away from me, even simple everyday things like brushing my teeth left me in agonizing pain.

I have lived a very active life and since I’m still young, I would like to continue this active lifestyle.

My wife did an internet search to find doctors in the area that could possibly help me. A week after that trip to Disney, I was in the office meeting with Dr. St. Louis and [Physician Assistant] Kris Gates.

Dr. St. Louis did a discectomy March 4. The recovery was difficult for about a week but I quickly knew I had made the right decision by getting it. I am looking forward to exercising again, playing with my kids and grandkids, and going back to Disney with my family.

I know 150 percent isn’t a number but I 150 percent recommend this surgery and these doctors to anyone who is having some sort of back pain. You don’t have to go through life living like that. There has been a lot that I have missed out on. Now, I am very excited to recover and have my life back – and will send my wife here, too, for her back problems.


Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, FL

Read Mary's Story

Over six years ago, I thought I just had severe muscle pain in my back. Little did I know that by 2019 I would have been through two back surgeries.

In 2013, I had a surgery for my herniated disc by Dr. Stefan Prada. All was well after that until my back pain began to flare up again. Coming from a remote town in Canada, I knew I wanted to send my CT scans off to Florida where I have had previous success finding relief. I decided to make the trip to Florida and had contacted Physician Partners of America to set up an appointment. When I called, I found out they had a local office in Tampa which was ideal because I have a condo around that area.

I came down to Tampa, and met with [Physician Assistant] Kris Gates, who arranged an MRI. A couple of days later, I had a minimally invasive TLIF spinal fusion performed by Dr. Brett Menmuir and Dr. James St. Louis.

Before this procedure, I had become immobile, I couldn’t sleep, and the pain had spread throughout my hips and down my legs. I was afraid to do anything. It felt like someone was torturing me and like my life was being taken away. I didn’t care what they did, I needed the pain to be gone.

If you saw me before my procedure versus now, you wouldn’t think I was the same person. I can now look forward to working out again, snow-shoeing, and playing with my granddaughter. This surgery has changed my life and I highly recommend these doctors. They were incredibly friendly and took their time explaining the process to me.


Bedford, TX

Read Cary's Story

I have a lot of things going on with my back. I was in the Marine Corps and did everything they asked of me to do. I was always jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. I think that’s where my problems started. I also had trouble with my knees …I think the knee and hip replacements hurt my spine.

I always said on a good day, I hurt, and on a bad day I really hurt. My pain affected me in everything I did from basic hygiene to tying my shoes. I can now put an ankle on my knee and tie my shoes. For ten years I couldn’t do that. It’s a pretty good improvement. I walked hunchback a lot and now I can walk upright. I’m not crabby all the time. It’s been much better.

I appreciate Dr. Kravetz and the people in this facility have been great – wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Kravetz and his staff.


Sun City Center, FL

Read Laura's Story

Best thing that’s ever happened to me and I couldn’t be happier. My lower back was so bad due to spinal stenosis. I’ve cried and been so depressed because no one could do anything for me. I couldn’t walk. I could hardly leave my couch. I couldn’t bend over to pick anything up without pain.

After my procedure I took one pain pill – that was it! Now I can walk and do everything I want. I feel fabulous and it’s all due to Dr. St. Louis. I’ve never been so happy with a doctor. I’ll tell you, it’s the happiest move I’ve ever made.


Clearwater, FL

Read Lori's Story

If it wasn’t for Dr. St. Louis, I feel I was really on my way to dying. I can’t even tell you about the pain. I had to use a cane. I had to use a walker. I had to use a wheelchair. And pain meds did nothing. The pain got so bad I couldn’t make my own coffee. I had to get my sisters to make it. I couldn’t move. I was almost down like begging for help.

I couldn’t walk my dog. I had to give him a puppy pad, it was so bad. I lay down and cried until my daughter got there; that’s how bad it was.

At night, I was literally praying I wanted it to be done. ‘Just take me home. I raised my child, she’s in college, has a job,‘ I said, ‘Take me home; I’m done.’ It was terrible and I went through this for years.

How I ran into Dr. St. Louis, I don’t know, but it’s been an absolute miracle. The next day [after surgery] I was up and walking! I changed my own clothes. I washed clothes. I never washed clothes, I mean that’s how bad it was. I used to have my daughter come and do it.

Now my daughter looks at me like I’m crazy because I’m like, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” She said, do you want to get in the wheelchair and I said, ‘No, I don’t need a wheelchair!‘ It’s been a good experience.


Valrico, FL

Read Robert's Story

Robert Denton

Surgery date: Feb 4, 2018

I had a motorcycle accident in 2008 and was told then that I was not a candidate for any surgery because the surgeon would have to go in from the front and move all my organs out of the way to reach my spine. I was considered too high risk would have to be on pain medication pretty much my entire life. I don’t think this surgery existed back then or at least it was new enough so I didn’t know about it.

I had fought the idea of surgery for a long time. I didn’t like the idea of people poking around my spine. My injury was so close to my spinal column that I didn’t want anyone putting needles in there. It was Dr. St. Louis who said there was no possibility of paralysis, so I said let’s do this.

I had laser spine surgery two weeks ago with Dr. St. Louis and just on the ride home, I noticed a huge difference. There are speed bumps in my apartment complex. I braced myself for the first one and was waiting for the usual pain – and it didn’t hurt. I relaxed a bit for the second set of speed bumps. That didn’t hurt either.

Then on the next night, I dropped something on the floor and I bent over to pick it up. My roommate said, “I’ve known you for a long time and I’ve never seen you be able to do that!” Before, when I saw something on the floor, I was like, “Do I really need that? Maybe it can wait.”

I wasn’t able to bend over and pick things up for years and the day after my surgery, I could. I’m in almost no pain. I’m a sold advocate now!


Tampa, FL

Read Tatiana's Story

I really feel good. Before I did my surgery I had a lot of pain in my legs. So much pain! Now, no pain in my legs. I feel really happy. I had pain for years and years. It hurt to walk. I couldn’t walk a long distance because it caused pain in my legs. I had to stop and sit. It’s not living! I have granddaughter who is 5. Now can play with her. I feel happy after surgery. I
feel strong and really good. The pain is gone. I would recommend Dr. St. Louis for any problems in the back.


  • Herniated/Bulging Disc
  • Spinal Stenosis


  • Minimally invasive fusion
  • Laminotomy


Ponce Inlet, FL

Read Ruth's Story

It’s been over a year that I have been dealing with pain. I had a lot of back pain and sciatica in my leg and foot. There were times where the pain was extremely high and injections and different thigs I tried would work for a while but the pain always came back. I had to have something more. I’m generally a very fun-loving, laughing person but I kind of hid a lot of the pain because I didn’t want people to know. I still think people knew it that I wasn’t my same jovial self.

My favorite thing to do is ride my bike and I had been doing really well. I started riding back while this (pain) was going on because I thought maybe it would help take pain away. And it would take the pain away – while I was exercising – but then it came back again.

After the procedure, I was pain-free right away! I couldn’t believe the pain was actually gone afterward. I would definitely recommend the procedure. I held off because I didn’t want to be one of “those people” who said, “Oh, I’m going to have surgery and everything’s going to be wonderful.” I held off on that, thinking I could control the pain and control everything.

It got to point where I couldn’t control it. Thank goodness for my doctor in Orlando, who suggested I come to Dr. St. Louis and talk with him. After talking to PA Kris Gates and other people here, I realized I would have to have the surgery. It’s nothing I could handle doing myself. I’d definitely recommend Dr. St. Louis. He’s very nice. He explained everything that was going to happen. I would recommend everyone from PPOA because I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been nice.


Dunedin, FL

Read Olin's Story

I was a professional photographer and owned a photo studio but am now retired from that. About 30 years ago I had an accident. I slipped on ice in a parking lot in Virginia while taking my daughter to college. I had real hard, excruciating electric shock and sometimes burning pain running down my legs and sometimes into my calves.

I went to a pain management specialist and did physical therapy with different doctors. I was put on pain medicine. Nothing changed. One day, the doctor got snide and comical. The staff said he was overbooked I was angry and stopped seeing the doctor and physical therapist. I have been taking pain pills [hydrocodone] for about 7 years just to control the pain. When they started talking about opioid epidemic, I thought, what are we going to do? People on long-term pain medicine – what are we going to do? Going to a pharmacy, you may or may not be able to get the medicine the day you need it because they’re out. The control seems to be tighter.

I went to two other places and they were just too expensive. One day I heard a spot on the radio for Dr. St. Louis and I came in. I came in at 8 o’clock and was out at 4 and then went home. That was amazing. I had multiple procedures on both sides of the spine… The electric shock, the burning pain is gone!

I’m so happy that I came to Physician Partners of America to get this done. Everything went like clockwork as far as I’m concerned. It was a well-oiled machine. I can’t say enough about Dr. St. Louis and PA Kris Gates. They’re all friendly- they’re excellent.

Coming here was an answered prayer, for us. We know it was a higher power – good karma. Every day I get better.

I’ve had a sedentary life for a long time. I am getting back into photography and getting out more. I look forward to getting back to life. I’m already planning stuff. People ask me what I did and I’m telling them about Physician Partners of America.


The Villages, FL

Read Anita's Story

I’ve always been very active: yoga, CrossFit, race-walking 4-1/2 miles in an hour every day. Two years ago I was in constant 24-7 pain. I was the caregiver for my parents and my husband’s parents and my aunt in their last years, so I was unable to play golf and do the others things I’d normally enjoy.

After a lot of those duties were gone, I went back to playing golf and lifting weights and other activities I normally do, but I had to give up golf because any twisting motion or any movement like that caused me intense pain in my lower back and left buttock. So I had to quit that. I couldn’t do fast race-walking like I enjoyed doing for many years so I had to slow down, which I was not happy with.

The procedure took the pain away in one short afternoon. I feel wonderful. I am back doing a modified CrossFit and will get back to golfing.


  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Facet Disease


  • Foraminotomy
  • Laminotomy


Homosassa, FL

Read William's Story

I’ve always had back pain. I was born with my S-1 sort of fused to my spine. So I endured pain throughout my life I have been a contractor, fixing and flipping houses and always done a lot of heavy work. Lifting and twisting. I was told years ago that I’d pay for it when I was older. It’s true, you can’t get away from it. Every time I would have back pain, I was able to work it out. I’d work through it and eventually it would ease up. One day I experienced excruciating pain like a lightning bolt shooting through my body. And it actually knocked me to floor. I couldn’t walk, sit or lay down without excruciating pain and it kept on for quite a while. I couldn’t find a comfortable position. I had a nerve block with Dr. Rivera a few months prior. It only lasted a week but he said that was normal; it was indicative of a problem and he recommended Dr. St. Louis.

I was incapacitated during the holidays. Early in January I had laser surgery to L-4 and L-5. He had to remove some arthritic bone – clean it up. But the pain went away. I was in pain for part of the week after but that was due to the surgery itself. Since then, ten days later, the pain is all gone. I’m out of pain and real happy. Very pleased. Dr. St. Louis answered all my questions and Kris was fantastic. He was a plethora of knowledge. He goes out of his way. I am very happy with everyone there and everything.

[He and wife Lynda are very active]. We love to dance and go out. We’ve been unable to do that. We were in just enough pain so we couldn’t. It was worse for Lynda. She couldn’t sleep through the night. After the surgery, she can sleep.


Homosassa, FL

Read Linda's Story

I had pain down right leg all way to the foot. Had laser on L-3, L-4, L-5 and S-1. Facet and Laminectomy.

I was in an automobile accident in 2010. Sitting and sleeping at night were really hard. I had a shooting pain, a sharp pain like a serrated knife jabbing you in the back and turning it. I was recommended to Dr. St. Louis by Dr. Rivera, who I was seeing. The procedure was a wonderful experience I walked the next day. No pain, just a little soreness [at the incision]. I feel good.


Ocala, FL

Read John's Story

I had been in pain for long time, several years. Two years ago I got a shot in the back. A shot is the knee. I thought it was arthritis. Apparently it was this nerve. Things got worse about six to eight months [before the procedure]. I’d be in the kitchen trying to make dinner and couldn’t stand for long.

I had laser back surgery in the lower spine. I felt all right when I came to. My son drove me and I rode home to his house here in Tampa. Two hours later I said to my son, “John, I have no pain in leg anymore! It’s gone! It was exciting. It’s been taken care of. It’s amazing. It’s miraculous! I just walked out [of surgery suite]. It’s really amazing!

I’m still active. I still sell insurance. I’ve sold insurance for 32 years and was in the corporate world before that. I play golf with a nine-hold group but I the last few years by the time I got to the 8th or 9th hole, I was hurting too much. My lower back really bothered me – the lower back and leg. Now I plan to join them [golf buddies] again.

I’d like to get on the treadmill, too.

I’d recommend Dr. St. Louis and Physician Partners of America without question. I’ve told my friends about it.


Brandon, FL

Read Jenezaliz's Story

I started having problems probably four years ago with my nerves. My right leg went numb and I was in pain all the time. It was hard to walk or feel stable. I couldn’t walk more than 15 minutes without sitting down again. I used to use a wheelchair and then a stroller. It came on suddenly. One minute I was perfectly fine and then one day the numbness started. Within 15 minutes I couldn’t walk. That was in 2015. I was in a wheelchair for 0 months. I couldn’t walk. It was very bad. I tried massage, chiropractic, a neurologist and some surgeons, No one could do anything for me. What they saw on the MRI didn’t give them enough information Then I came here for pain management … Kris explained everything to me.

After procedure:

It was amazing. It was crazy. I could walk right afterward. I thought I would have to go back to the wheelchair again just temporarily, but nothing happened. I was able to walk out pain free. I can walk without having to sit down every 15 minutes and want to take up bowling again. I’m happy. Very happy. I would recommend Dr. St. Louis.


  • Pinched Nerve
  • Herniated/Bulging Disc


  • Laser Procedure