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We deliver the highest level of patient centered compassionate care.

Who do you think you are? If someone asked you this question, what would your response be? Would it cover what career you are in? Your goals in life? Maybe even discuss your family or ancestry?

All of these responses say a little bit about who a person is, but it is hard to fully describe something as complex as an individual’s identity in so few words.

At Physician Partners of America, we are in the business of caring for people. Our goal is to transform the doctor-patient experience with our patient-centric model.

We are a diverse and extended family of professionals with genius and talents that we bring to our mission to provide better healthcare. And as for our ancestry, our company grew from just 3 employees in 2013 to over 300 employees in 2016. Those 3 founders have roots in both medicine and business and bring their unique perspective and expertise to their leadership for our rapidly expanding organization.

Making a Difference

What our patients have to say

But in order to truly get a fuller picture of an individual or a company it can often be most revealing to see what the people closest to them have to say. Friends, family, and even co-workers can have a different perspective on who someone is that may illuminate traits that person would never have used to describe themselves! And so, we value the feedback that the people closest to us have to say. We think that patient testimonials speak volumes about who we are and where we stand in our mission for better healthcare. We do our best to provide a better patient experience and that’s who we think we are. We are proud that our patients agree.


We also think our name Physician Partners of America says a lot about who we are as an organization. Our founders carefully considered our mission, values, and vision when crafting our title.

Physician is the starting point for our mission and our name. We know that there are great doctors out there that are looking to do more in their careers. We know because we were founded by them. From the start, we were a company that recognized that physicians who truly cared about better patient care needed a home. And so that’s what we set out to build; a place for great doctors with wide ranging experiences and expertise to enjoy practicing medicine with the patient as the priority. And when physicians stop having to worry about administrative and billing tasks, the patient finally can become the priority.

Easy Administrative Side

So how does Physician Partners of America make it possible for doctors to avoid all the paper pushing and accounting? Those areas are vital to healthcare after all, so who takes care of that? Well that’s where Partners comes into play. The physicians who join PPOA are partnering with our corporate departments that are able to expertly handle the administrative side of medical practice. We have senior leadership teams with years of experience, knowledge, and training that handle all the non-medical tasks. So not only are doctors able to do what they were trained to do by treating patients, but they are also able to take a step back from those areas that they weren’t trained in. When you show up to the doctor’s office as a patient, you let the doctor use their years of medical school training and experience practicing medicine to give you their expert opinion on how to handle your care. Similarly, we are the “doctor’s office” for the doctors! We allow the doctors to let our departments, trained and experienced in a variety of business related fields, provide their expert services to handle every doctor’s office need.

Dedicated to Patients

But the final, and most important, piece of the puzzle is of America. We are an organization that is dedicated to the people we work for and that’s you, the patients! In creating an organization that enables doctors to focus on patient-care, our ultimate mission is for better patient outcomes. We believe that when physicians are able to focus on patients, the doctor-patient relationship strengthens and better healthcare happens. In short, we are about rebuilding lives. Whatever ailments or injuries our patients face, we recognize that they are coming to us for help. And whether chronic pain or a common cold, we know at the end of the day, the bottom line is you want your life back; Aching joints and running noses just hold you back. Through the unique partnership PPOA forges, we believe we are on the forefront of transforming healthcare through empowering doctors to be the best physicians they can be, all the while with our patients’ care at the forefront of our vision.

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