Treatment Options:


What is a Discectomy?

A discectomy is a procedure that has been successful in removing the damaged portion of a herniated disc, thereby eliminating the nerve compression that causes pain, numbness, or weakness. A discectomy works the best in treating radiating symptoms.

When a herniated disc is applying pressure to your sciatic nerve, the pain radiates down your leg, into your feet, and can leave you debilitated. Many describe herniated disc pain or sciatica as a burning sensation. It is not uncommon for people to say they feel like their leg is on fire or as if it is covered in fire ants.

What conditions are Discectomies used for?

This procedure is recommended when the pressure from a herniated disc is affecting your spinal nerves. A herniated disc happens when the soft material inside your disc pushes through a rupture in the tougher exterior of your disc.

A discectomy may be a good idea if the following is true:

  • Nerve Weakness Is Making It Difficult for You to Walk or Stand
  • Physical Therapy, Prescription Medication, and Other Conservative Treatments Are Not Able to Provide You with Relief in Approximately Six Weeks
  • The Pain That Radiates down Your Arm, Buttocks, or into Your Chest Is More Than You Can Handle
  • A Piece of Your Disc Becomes Lodged in the Spinal Canal, Putting Pressure on the Nerve

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