Individual Therapy

Every individual is unique. Our lives are made up of differing circumstances, backgrounds, families, and friendships, each of which have a unique way of shaping who we are. Together with your counselor, you can explore the ways in which your past and present influence how you feel today, all within the confines of a safe and private environment.

Pain changes lives in unimaginable ways. And it is understandable that patients are often unprepared for those changes. Depression, anxiety, and stress are common responses and therefore seeking counseling is not only understandable but encouraged. Our therapists have years of experience helping patients work through chronic pain. Their experience and knowledge can help you find techniques to help and guide you through whatever challenges you may be facing.

Individual Therapy

Stress Less, Live More

In addition to pain counseling, our therapists also assist with helping patients manage the destructive behaviors that often accompany high-stress situations.

Whether it be over-eating or abusing pain medications, our counselors are here to help you manage your stress and protect your health. Learning positive coping methods and dealing with stress in a healthy way can only lead to the best positive outcome. These simple steps and strategies can be the difference that gets you that much closer to pain-free.

Last but not least, chronic pain should not be faced alone. Sharing the days that are tough, learning ways to make life a little easier, and communicating with a professional that is invested in your success should be an option for everyone. We are here for you. Our individual sessions are 50 minutes with 10 minutes allocated for setting up future appointments and discussing any future plans.

Opioids and Pain

While opioids can help relieve pain, these drugs can also lead to addiction. Having a counselor as an accountability partner can help patients manage medications safely.

Take Your Life Back

We believe in empowering patients to take their lives back. Pain changes the day-to-day routine for many, often in negative ways. In individual counseling, you and your therapist can discuss goals and create a plan for how to get you to where you want to be. Since pain can often prevent patients from doing activities they enjoy, the expert guidance of a pain psychologist can help patients think differently and more constructively about their lives. We use what you can do to get you moving towards what you want to do. Our therapists will help you realize the many ways in which you have the power to make meaningful change in your health and take control of your life.

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