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No One Should Go Through Pain Alone. No one prepares for or expects pain. And when pain interferes with your life in unexpected ways, it can be incredibly difficult to adjust.

The emotional and stressful events experienced during chronic pain may be taking a toll on you and therefore should be part of your comprehensive treatment plan.

At Physician Partners of America, you don’t have to suffer through pain alone. We have trained pain psychologists that can help you devise a plan to rebuild the parts of your life that have been negatively impacted by pain. We understand you weren’t prepared for life with pain, but we are prepared to offer you the guidance and help that you need to get back to life at its fullest. Our experts have navigated the road to recovery before, and we are here to help guide you now.

Our team has a simple vision: to offer the most effective treatments for reducing pain and to find the right combination of treatments for our patients. For many patients, mental health treatments are an integral part of ensuring positive long-term outcomes. Whether it be fully understanding the implications of surgery or recognizing the importance of safely using medications to ensure long-term relief, we firmly believe that our counselors’ ability to help improve your mental health will also lead to improved physical health.

Counseling Can Save a Life

Your Pain is as Unique as You Are

Everyone experiences pain differently and treatment plans vary considerably because of this variety. But for most people, living with pain brings added difficulties.

The road to recovery can be a tough one, at times stressful and extremely emotional. And it is important to remember that you are at the center of your recovery– You are an active participant in your recovery and as such, it is important to take care of yourself so that you can meet the demands of managing your care. Patients undoubtedly benefit from having a trained professional to support and encourage them throughout their recovery process. Our pain psychologists will work with you to address the ways in which we can improve your overall well-being to help you move towards better living.

The Mind-Body Connection

The limbic system is commonly referred to as the emotion center of the brain and can play an active role in cases of chronic pain. Stress, anxiety, and depression can alter pain pathways over time, making patients more sensitive to stimuli.

For these patients, their heightened sensitivity means that even the smallest stimulus can set off a massive pain response, resulting in continuous, throbbing chronic pain. These cases of chronic pain are just one example of the many ways in which our mental health can impact our physical health.

Our lifestyle evaluation identifies areas we can improve to reduce pain. Together, you and your pain specialist will discuss habits like diet, smoking and physical activity (both before and after the pain’s onset). With the answers to these questions, our trained staff can help you identify changes to your lifestyle that may help reduce your pain levels.

For example, did you know that sugar can cause inflammation? So if your pain is inflammatory, we can help identify which changes (like limiting sugar intake) can help promote your overall health and get you that much closer to pain-free. Pain is a process within your body and often by improving overall health, especially in areas that may be worsening pain, patients feel not only healthier but also feel less pain.

While we specialize in treating pain, our therapists are licensed to provide therapy for a wide-range of situations, from marital distress to phobias. So even if you are not in pain, our therapists are here to serve you in any way needed.


In our mental health program, your pain specialist will go over the following and evaluate it with you:

Relaxation Training
Stress Management
An assessment of your living conditions
Managing your activity

At Physician Partners of America, we strive to make sure you can handle your pain and your pain doesn’t overwhelm you. Counseling equips you with the mental and emotional readiness to face the challenges that may be brought on by pain.

Take Your Life Back

We believe in empowering patients to live life to the fullest. In individual counseling and preoperative evaluations, you and your therapist can discuss goals and create a plan for how to get you to where you want to be.

Since pain can often prevent patients from doing activities they enjoy, the expert guidance of a pain psychologist can help patients think differently and more constructively about their lives. We use what you can do to get you moving towards what you want to do. Our therapists will help you realize the many ways in which you have the power to make meaningful change in your health and take control of your life.

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