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Ending Chronic Pain for McKinney, Texas Residents

For many McKinney, Texas residents, chronic pain is a way of life. Little by little these pain sufferers have watched as their chronic pain has robbed them of experiencing the joy that individuals without chronic pain take for granted.

Our pain relief doctors understand the negative effect that chronic pain has on your life. Our Texas Pain Relief Group located in McKinney, Texas is staffed by experienced, trained doctors who have both the skill and the desire to help you manage and remove your pain.

What makes the services provided by the Texas Pain Relief Group so unique is that our focus is not on pharmaceutical solutions. We do understand the benefit that prescription medications can serve in the short-term, but our goal is to provide you with long-term relief.

We Care About You

We specialize in interventional pain management. This means that we avail ourselves of multiple pain treatments. These include conventional treatments and alternative treatments, such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

We pioneer the latest in pain management technology, including spinal cord stimulation and facet joint injections. Our goal is to treat the source of your pain as opposed to simply masking it by giving you pain pills.

Through their years of experience, our board-certified physicians have seen firsthand that the pain each one of our patients experiences is uniquely theirs. So it is impossible to create a one-size-fits-all treatment to pain.

For this reason, we are committed to providing you a thorough examination and then later discussing your unique needs as well as the unique pain management treatment we will provide.

The Texas Pain Relief Group located in McKinney, Texas is committed to helping you get your life back to the way it was before your chronic pain. We warmly invite you to visit our McKinney location or contact us by phone. Walk-ins and same-day appointments are available.

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Sep 17, 2018
Facebook Physician Partners of America
Please provide an email address where complaints can be logged and resolved. I am requesting this to send information regarding the McKinney, Texas office with the intent to protect the safety and medical well-being of any and all patients treated at this location. Without a way to get my challenges and issues resolved, the only alternative is to report this facility and staff to the Texas Medical Board for patient safety concerns and to Medicare for insurance fraud. After two years of being a patient and at times being a self-pay patient, I believe my most recent appointment needs to be addressed by the corporate management team. Professionalism is non-existent, consideration and compassion are completely absent from Jan, the office manager and from Terica Cox who claims to be the regional manager of office staff at all locations. You will see many complaints if you take the time to read through them regarding office staff, lack of compassion, professionalism and respect for each patient, as well as unfounded accusations of illegal drug use, insurance fraud and staff, nurses, doctors and front office employees whose integrity and ethics are abusive and compromise the health and well-being of each and every patient treated. Treated is unfortunately a questionable word to use for the McKinney location. Treatment of patients overall well-being suggested in your advertisement and slogan stating "We don't just treat the pain, we treat the person" is what drew me to Texas Pain Relief Group. I personally have suffered abuse, extreme humiliation, have been forced to grovel for forgiveness after requesting to not be required to fill out unnecessary insurance gouging questionnaires at one appointment when I was grief stricken and in shock over the sudden, unexpected death of my husband the day before. I was verbally threatened regarding my continued treatment at the location by Terica Cox; accused of diverging from my pain management plan by taking drugs that had not been prescribed for me by Dr. Meyer (no longer at this location as of August 31st); forced to verify my own insurance for Jan (office manager) because of her incompetence; never seen by Dr. Willis even though he was approving my prescriptions for Class II Opiates; and the most recent and heartless cruelty was inflicted Friday, 9/14/2018 by Terica Cox as well as Dr. Edrick Lopez belittling and humiliating me at this most difficult time. Terica verbally abused me due to my uncharacteristic behavior in the office during my appointment the day after the death of my husband of 26 years. At no time was compassion, understanding, courtesy, respect or any decency afforded to me during this visit by these two representatives of your practice. Instead I was yelled at, abused, humiliated and reduced to groveling as I asked for forgiveness to staff members I was told by Terica I had upset and offended. Only when I took it upon myself to apologize to each of the staff for upsetting and offending them with true remorse in my heart and tears in my eyes did I find out that I had NOT upset nor offended the staff; It was a lie Terica attempted to use to force me into submission while she expanded upon the lie even further to get the desired effect of shaming me. She went so far, voice raised and aggressive to embarrass me and assign blame by saying she 'completely understood what I was going through and sympathized with my situation and if it was the case that my husband had just passed why did I bother coming in for the appointment instead of rescheduling.' This was done in the most condescending, exasperated tone conveying blatant disrespect in acknowledging that possibly I could have been in shock and wanting to function as best I could under the circumstances. I obviously did not want to run out of pain medications over the period of time before I could reschedule. I had and still have many arrangements, processes and legalities that I have to attend to and keeping this appointment as scheduled, I would be able to focus on the necessary overwhelming obligations. Please understand - anyone that reads this - I had just lost my husband and had sincerely asked for forgiveness. At the end of my visit with Edrick Lopez, he said, "So we'll see you back in a month," I told him, "But I have to have permission from Terica to be seen again in this office." He responded also as condescending as Terica had been, "Well that's not the really the case... if you are nice to us, we'll be nice to you," inferring that in the two years I've been a patient with Texas Pain Relief Group, no matter how I have been treated, I MUST treat them better than they've ever treated me. I pay them to treat me as a person and my pain without prejudice or judgment. I am not a drug addict or a deceitful patient. Not once have I ever failed a UA nor questionnaires and as a model patient I communicate all of my medications upon request. I have tried to create a rapport with the staff and I have been kind and maintained an almost friendly but professional relationship with all. I desperately need to reach out to someone at the Physician Partners of America Pain Relief Group headquarters to bring much needed attention to all the complaints on every social media platform. These issues must be resolved even if the solution requires temporarily moving patients to other locations still close enough for them to be seen and treated while attempting to completely re-staff and educate a new team with compassion, courtesy, respect and understanding while maintaining interpersonal skillsets to avoid future challenges and to bring patient wellness and self-respect while they have to seek out help for chronic pain in a world where chronic pain sufferers are categorized as drug addicts.
Physician Partners of America replied on Sep 17, 2018:
You can email our customer service at However, since you have provided many details, we will have someone call you. We value you as a patient and we are sorry your expectations were not met. Even more, we extend our sincerest sympathies on the tragic loss of your husband.
Jul 19, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Great doctor and staff caring and friendly and they first listen. But 4 days later I'm still in lower back pain and i have a month till the next appointment. They are going to fix it for me of course.
Jul 16, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Very impressed! They are thorough and organized and polite. Dr. Willis is wonderful. I have found a new Dr.
Jul 8, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
This Myelin Delille is a joke. She has an attitude and a horrible personality.. Not only that but she screwed me over big-time. She jumped on board with the surgeon that destroyed my life and cause me pain forever. To hell with the patient, she just sided with her fellow colleague and refused to treat me. What a disgrace! Do yourself a favor and find someone else stay away from this gal! She also cost me $333 because she would not return my calls to get the prescription she prescribed change so my insurance would cover it. She needs to go back to New York. We don't want people like that playing doctor in Texas. You may also wish to know that she billed Medicare 4,900 and something dollars for a drug screen. Yup, almost $5000 she billed them for this drug screen. I saw where Medicare did object to this and refused to pay, however, I don't know how it was finally handled. $5000 she attempted to charged 2pee in a cup!!!
Physician Partners of America replied on Jul 9, 2018:
UPDATE: Dr. Delille has not been with our company for several years and would be interested to know why you reviewed her a few days ago. We aim to make every patient's visit 5-star. Please email and let us know how we can help today.
We would like to apologize for the negative experience that you had with one of our physicians. We'd like to speak with you and learn more about exactly what happened during your visit. Please contact us either via email at or call us at 813-549-2134 ext. 1154.

We look forward to speaking with you.
Mar 7, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Dr Meyer and the office manager Jan showed absolutely no compassion for my complaints. Jan even suggested I specified which medication I wanted. That was so far from true. This office has provided me with unprofessionalism and Inappropriate behaviors. I plan to have a conversation with corporate regarding these allegations and accusations Jan made against me. All of them were unfounded and accusatory. I will never patronize this business and advise other patients to be warned prior to paying your hard earned money here. It's a sad day in medicine to be treated like a fool or a hobo on the street by supposed professionals.
Feb 27, 2018
Facebook Physician Partners of America
Doctor would not even consult with me. Needed $430 up front just to talk to me and see IF they could help. No help given!!!
Physician Partners of America replied on Feb 28, 2018:
Ivan,sometimes it takes time to diagnose a problem. I can have someone check into your case and see what we can do to help, if you'd like.
Jan 18, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
This office is strangely still open. When you walk in, look around and take mental notes. The patients waiting, act and have the appearance of drug abuser
Jan 8, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Extremely professional and caring. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. They treat you like family and take care of your pain . You will be satisfied in all areas. I give then a 10!
Dec 13, 2017
Facebook Physician Partners of America
My first visit and the,staff was,very,sweet and also professional. I liked dr. Meyer snd I hope he can help me. They also check all reports at the,same time from other facilities etc. Quite lengthy, but for my own benefit. Merry Christmas to all of them for a great job!
Physician Partners of America replied on Dec 13, 2017:
Thank you for the compliment, Carol. We will make sure Dr. Meyer and his staff see it. Yes, we are very thorough and it's for your safety. We value you as a patient and are honored to help you on your journey toward a pain-free life.
Physician Partners of America replied on Dec 13, 2017:
Suppose to get a precription today?
Dec 11, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
The office staff and Michelle are great! They make me comfortable and listen if I️ have something new to discuss!
Physician Partners of America replied on Dec 14, 2017:
Thank you for your kind words, Trish! We always want you to feel welcome, comfortable and informed.
Nov 30, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
When you talk to a doctor they just so happen to not write for that medication so you get referred to one of their other locations. If you run out of medication before you can be seen, suck it up! They won't do anything for you.
Physician Partners of America replied on Dec 18, 2017:
Wendy, we are sorry your experience fell short of your expectation. We will look into your case and someone will get in touch with you. We value you as a patient and want to do what we can to make things right. Thank you for taking the time to let us know.
Nov 16, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Very great staff but even though you have to be on pain medication because it is medically necessary, you are treated like an illicit-drug user, which I have never been. Patients have the right to not suffer in pain.
Physician Partners of America replied on Nov 22, 2017:
Hi, Glenda. We are sorry to hear you had a poor experience at our clinic in McKinney.
If you feel you were treated without compassion, please fill out our online form at

If you are dissatisfied with our procedures, such as doing a urinalysis and/or drug-genes test, please understand that we are following CDC and Mayo Clinic guidelines in response to the opioid crisis.

Our overarching objective is this: Regular testing helps us achieve our number one objective of patient safety: preventing interactions with other medications a patient may be taking, and finding medications that are most compatible with a patient's genome (responsible for up to 45% of drug metabolism).

Nevertheless, I will pass along your concern to the practice and regional managers for follow-up. Thank you for taking the time to write.
Nov 8, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Avoid this Dr. like the plague. He had his mind made up before ever entering the room in regards to fulfilling my needs as a patient. I have NEVER left a Dr.'s office as humiliated and infuriated as I was with this experience. When did Doctors start concerning themselves more about themselves than their patients needs? NEVER AGAIN.
Physician Partners of America replied on Nov 8, 2017:
We are sorry to learn of your experience and want to look into it and help if we can. Kindly go to and give us more information. We will have someone look into it. WE take your concern seriously and want you to know we value you as a patient. Thank you for taking the time to alert us.
Oct 14, 2017 Physician Partners of America
This place scams insurance buy charging for 2 separate drug tests to labs they one but bill the insurance company as if it was a separate entity. Dr Charles Willis prescribed me oxycodone for over a year in spite of it showing up negative in all my urine tests. I only saw him once all other visits were with nurse practitioner. I made numerous requests to have my pain meds lowered slightly and to see the actual Dr but never happened. I would take urine test and the bag was never sealed and still sitting out in the open on the counter after my visit. I am filing a complaint with the texas medical board re Dr Charles Willis. beware. I made the regional manager Umar of the goings on at this location after 3 more weeks of trying to get in touch wit him he said there was nothing he could do and since he cant cover for a dr that I can proceed with contacting the texas medical board. I chose to leave texas pain relief group and cancelled my next apt. 3 months have past Umar now says he will put I disagreed with the tests before I was discharged. I was never discharged I chose to leave and I have all the dr notes since day 1 there so something shady is going on now he is trying to cover. So he cant cover for a dr but he can lie on the patient. I have the pdf directly from their main office of my records. I tried to work it out with them.
Sep 22, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Dr.simmons is a wonder person and doctor by far one of the best doctors ive been to and ive been to alot of doctors in my life i have cancer she is very caring and she takes the time to listen its a very personal experience like the doctors of the olden day when they where not just out for them selfs and how many people they can push thru.
Sep 7, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Very polite staff,and they have helped me with the pain. Doctors are very sweet,and I don't feel like they are trying to rush me out. They really listen to what I have to say. I would recommend them to anyone that has pain issues. Just love everyone there
Sep 7, 2017
Facebook Physician Partners of America
I just love everyone there. They have helped me a lot. I would recommend them to anyone. Very sweet staff
Physician Partners of America replied on Sep 7, 2017:
Thank you, Janie, for your five-star review!!!!!
Sep 1, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
My experience with Dr Willis was excellent. I was seen quickly and the doctor was through and understood my needs. The office staff and nurses friendly and professional. I won't hesitate to return to this office.
Feb 18, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
This office was okay two years ago. NOT ANYMORE! Stay away, save yourself. Doctors continue to change and staff continues to change. It was so bad the last time I was there I had to file with the Texas Medical Board of a lying Physicians Assistant and a receptionist who was sneezing all over the place without covering her mouth. AVOID THIS OFFICE
Physician Partners of America replied on Mar 8, 2017:
Donovan, I am very sorry for the quality of visit that you had at our McKinney clinic. As with most businesses and clinics, there can be a bit of turnover when it comes to staff. We would love to talk to you more about this and find out more specifics of your visit. If you would like to give us a call at 813-549-2134 or send us an email at, we would love to talk with you about all of this.

Thank you.
Dec 1, 2016
Facebook Physician Partners of America
They have unprofessional phone manners,45 minutes on hold is unacceptable. Thank God, it wasn't a life and death issue. But being in pain is horrible must less not being able to speak to someone.
Physician Partners of America replied on Dec 13, 2017:
I think they are just terribly busy as there are other Dr's there and so many patients.
Physician Partners of America replied on Dec 12, 2016:
Donna, we are incredibly sorry for the unprofessional atmosphere that you experienced. You are right, 45 minutes is way too long of a wait! If you like to either email us at or Call 813-549-2134 ext 1154, we would love to hear from you.

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