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Ending Chronic Pain for Duncanville, Texas Residents

For many, chronic pain is a way of life. Gradually, pain robs them of the joys of life. We’re here to change that!

Our pain relief doctors understand the negative effect that chronic pain has on your life. Physician Partners of America, with a convenient location in Duncanville, Texas, is staffed by experienced, board-certified pain management specialists who have both the skill and the desire to help you manage and remove your pain.

What makes the services provided by PPOA and Texas Pain Relief Group so unique is that our focus is not on pharmaceutical solutions. We do understand the benefit that prescription medications can serve in the short-term, but our goal is to provide you with long-term relief.

Our Pain Management Doctors

Dr.Brian Wiley MD, Pain Management Physician at Physician Partners of America

BrianWiley, MD

407 W. Danieldale Rd Suite 100 Duncanville, TX 75137
Pain Management

JeremyEpstein, MD

400 W Arbrook Blvd Suite 120 Arlington, TX 76014
distance-locations-pin1435.14 miles
Pain Management

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