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Making Pain a Thing of the Past for Desoto, Texas Residents

Many chronic pain sufferers in Desoto, Texas have tried just about every therapy possible and still have not found relief. For this reason, many are skeptical when they hear about the interventional pain management techniques we pioneer here at the Texas Pain Relief Group.

The first question most people ask us is: what is interventional pain management? Simply put, interventional pain management is a discipline that focuses on pain management using a variety of pain blocking techniques. A good portion of the techniques that we use include a form of injection therapy.

This answer often leads many of our prospective clients to ask if interventional pain management can help them even though they have been experiencing pain for a considerable amount of time. The answer is absolutely yes. Interventional pain management techniques like those offered at the Texas Pain Relief Group can help patients with a wide range of pain. It does not matter how long they have been suffering with it, there is likely a therapy that can help.

We Care About You

Something that attracts people to our Desoto, Texas clinic is that we provide pain relief without relying solely on prescriptions. Interventional pain management uses a variety of techniques to alleviate pain without using prescriptions. It is a multidisciplinary approach that has been able to provide pain relief to thousands of individuals.

When necessary, we may prescribe prescriptions to aid in a patient’s recovery. But this is done sparingly and cautiously.

Our clinics are designed to help you with pain issues including burning, aching, and tingling sensations. We can help with pain connected to Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, bone pain, back pain, and muscle pain.

We understand that you are an individual, and so the therapies that we offer will be personalized to meet your needs. We warmly invite you to visit our offices. Let us show you how you can live a pain-free life.

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Jun 15, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
This was honestly one of the worst appointments ive had with doctors. I read the reviews here and was referred to Dr. Wiley by my PCP. After doing research on him, I thought that he would be nice to see. My only wish was to be able to speak to this doctor, and after that, we will see what happens. But unfortunately, none of that came to be true. The nurse saw my twice in the span of 30 minutes: once to say he would not prescribe my very recent previous treatment because he thought it was "dangerous". Which obviously is not, at the very least in my condition, but even so, I still wished to speak with him. The 2nd time she talks to me about my appointment with my PCP a week before where she prescribed a very low amount of Tylenol 3's, as I didnt have a Pain Management Doctor at the moment. She also referred me to this doctor as well. After waiting another 10-15 minutes, another nurse calls me in and says that Dr. Wiley would not see me at all. I found this disturbing and confusing. He said "He did not feel comfortable" in treating me. If he decided not to treat me, that is fine. As I have dealt with doctors like him who don't help people with very severe chronic pain issues. But I only wanted to speak with the man, at the VERY LEAST. I didn't even see him physically, he spoke through his nurses, and now looking back i believe he was trying to get me out of his office so he wouldn't say he doesnt feel comfortable treating me. I was completely respectful, polite, quiet, and on time during my visit so there should be no possible way he felt "uncomfortable", especially when he hasn't even spoken to me or even see me. If there was an issues with my charts or records I would have gladly provided any information truthfully. But now it seems that wasn't and will never be an option with Dr. Wiley. If I could give this review a 0 instead of a 1, I would. I understand your job as a pain managament physician is hard and there are some people who abuse the system. But to be so unprofessional, and uncaring to speak with me at all showed me what kind of doctor he is. Maybe you will find help if you are not like me: disbaled, using a wheelchair to get around better, having to be resting in my bed all day because of my very rare chronic severe disease. He may work with people who arent in as much pain as my never ending 7-10 pain scale. Maybe if you are below a 5 and only needing Schedule 3/4 medications, he will help you. But I am not sure because again, he would not even say a word to me. I hope the very small amount of people like me who plan or have been referred to Dr. Wiley know what to expect when walking into his office. Just another doctor who won't help us, the chronic severe pain people, but advertises like he will. I recommend you look for another doctor, especially ones not associated with Texas Pain Relief Group, as I have heard even worse stories from the other associated Pain Managment doctors. I wish we could be treated the way we should be, with care and ease for our conditions, but with this doctor that has not and seems as through will not ever be possible. I hope this gave you insight and information so you can avoid Dr. Wiley. I have no hate in my heart or bitterness towards him. Just the disappointment that again, here is another doctor who won't help people like me. I wish you all to have a great recovery and have a use of a cure. Unfortunately in my position neither is possible. I hope to find a better doctor who will atleast listen to what I have to say about my ailment rather than cast me aside like other bad doctors. I hope you find a good one as well, and if you already have that great doctor, be sure to be the best patient you can be, as they are very far in between for the people. If I had to recommend someone to a doctor it will not and will never be, Dr. Wiley.
Nov 17, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Dr. Wiley is awesome! He is super-knowledgeable; he studied at an excellent college in such a wonderful part of the country. Most of all, I appreciate the fact that he is very respectful and comforting. He is great, as is all of the office staff I have experienced.
Physician Partners of America replied on Nov 20, 2017:

Hi, Courtney. You are in great hands with Dr. Wiley. We will make sure he sees this kind review. We appreciate your placing your trust is us!
Oct 28, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
I never got my main medicine because they had to send it to another one of their clinics where a dr was suppose to send it to my pharmacy which never came. I've had 2 seizures because of not having my main medicine. I kept calling Friday after I seen the nurse practitioner and they sent my break thru pain medicine but had to have a dr send the main one. They kept telling me that the dr at the other clinic works after hrs. I don't know why they didn't call him to make sure he would send it and now I've called the main number to leave messages for the dr on call yet still no medicine. This isn't the first time that the other clinics have messed up on my medicines.
Physician Partners of America replied on Oct 30, 2017:
Dear Larry:
We value you as a patient and are sorry for what happened. If you will kindly email and mention my name, we will escalate this today, find out what went wrong, and make it right. Unfortunately, the way Google is set up, it only provides us with your email, and that is not a way we can look you up in our system. Please send your full name, a phone number and the practice you are visiting and we will take care of this. Thank you - Marie

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