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Many Melbourne, Florida residents know firsthand the unnecessary strain that chronic pain can put on a person’s life. It doesn’t just affect them physically, but it produces powerful psychological effects.

They may feel overwhelmed when confronted with the variety of chronic pain complications that can occur. This feeling of being overwhelmed is only compounded when they are presented with the wide range of pain treatment methods that are available. At the Florida Pain Relief Group, we understand the challenges that chronic pain sufferers face, and we are committed to providing you the help that you need.

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Pain Management

We Care About You

Our pain treatment revolves around interventional pain management. We focus on using a variety of pain blocking techniques to provide short-term and long-term treatment. Our pain management therapy includes a wide range of disciplines, ranging from physical therapy to acupuncture to massage therapy to psychological therapy.

While we are not against the use of pharmaceuticals to help our patients achieve a pain-free life, our therapy is not based on using drugs to treat pain. What we want to do is help identify the source of the pain and then provide a lasting solution that allows you to have a vital life without being dependent on medication.

Our melbourne, florida clinic has been designed to treat pain issues including aching, tingling sensations, pain connected to parkinson’s disease, back pain, bone pain, and much more.

Our experience has taught us that no two melbourne, florida residents are going to experience pain in the same way. For that reason, the pain management treatment we provide is unique to you. We will never use a cookie-cutter, one size fits all style of treatment. Instead, our medical experts will work with you to create a treatment program based on what you need.

We warmly invite you to visit our offices. Living a pain-free life is possible. Let us show you how pain-free living can be a reality for you.

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