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Many chronic pain sufferers in Brandon, Florida have tried just about every therapy possible and still have not found relief. For this reason, many are skeptical when they hear about the interventional pain management techniques we pioneer here at the Florida Pain Relief Group.

The first question most people ask us is, what is interventional pain management? Simply put, interventional pain management is a discipline that focuses on pain management using a variety of pain blocking techniques. A good portion of the techniques that we use include a form of injection therapy.

This answer often leads many of our prospective clients to ask if interventional pain management can help them even though they have been experiencing pain for a considerable amount of time. The answer is absolutely yes. Interventional pain management techniques like those offered at the Florida Pain Relief Group can help patients with a wide range of pain. It does not matter how long they have been suffering with it, there is likely a therapy that can help.

We Care About You

Interventional pain management specializes in an array of pain blocking techniques. Many of the techniques that our board-certified physicians use are in the form of injection therapies. Our goal is to provide you with a precise diagnosis of why you have pain with the goal of beginning treatment immediately.

We are not content to simply prescribe medication or recommend that our patients just go to physical therapy. In our arlington-based texas pain relief clinic we use all sources of treatment to eliminate your pain.

The techniques that we employ range from conventional to alternative. Our goal is to eliminate your pain in the fastest and most effective way.

The most effective and fastest way to eliminate pain will vary from patient to patient. This is because the way that an individual reacts to a particular treatment and the way they feel pain is unique to them.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all treatment. We believe that individualized care can provide pain relief even for individuals who have been in pain for years and who have heard from other medical professionals that there is nothing that they can do about the pain.

We warmly invite you to visit our arlington location. Feel free to call us and schedule an appointment. Same day appointments are also available.

You can live a pain-free life. Let us show you how.

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4.1 /5
32 Reviews

Feb 15, 2019
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
The Doctors at FPRG are exceptional. I read some of the other reviews and I don't know what happened to those people, or maybe they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I have always received excellent care from the reception staff, and Dr Medina and Alexis. This is the third pain management group that I have gone to in Tampa and the only one I would recommend.
Feb 12, 2019
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I am always treated like a friend and the staff and Dr Medina and Alexis the ARNP is why I continue to go.
Feb 11, 2019
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I feel the need to update this after finding out that the deception and intentional cruelty goes all the way to the top. After speaking to the head doctor of the practice, Dr. Rivera I believe his name was, I felt like he was genuinely sorry for the way they lied to me. I told him I didnt want to go back to my doctors office because of everything so, I have to find a new practice. He apologized, even gave me a discharge paper saying it was their fault and I did nothing wrong, and told me he would help me if it took too long to find a new practice. So, when i called him earlier about sending in my last prescription, he was incredibly rude and told me he never said that. Then, he hung up on me. Mind you, I am already late for the prescription because I didnt want to deal with them again. But I get lied to and hung up on. Yet again, there are witnesses and video proof of their lies. I've never seen a place so poorly ran with so many crooks and liars. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Oh, they also still have my money from my appointment that they did nothing for. Seems like theft by deception to me. I'm needing to speak to the person in charge, the highest doctor or highest in office. I have been a patient of Dr. Medina for months now. I have done everything I was told to do and followed all the rules. I found out yesterday that I am now being left to suffer because his office was sending prescriptions over for me, in another doctors name that is in partner with you. His office staff spoke with the pharmacist directly and gave them the prescription in Dr. Leals name, but gave them Dr. Medinas DEA numbers. Something I found out after speaking with the pharmacy manager today when his office tried claiming they didn't speak to them or send it. I stood in Dr. Medinas office, on camera, when his assistant gave the numbers to the pharmacy manager. Something that can be verified from video. I should not have to suffer because they misused their own power and are now trying to cover it up. I'm getting no where with the office and my next step is going to a lawyer and the public. I need to hear back as soon as possible. I wish I could go into detail all the horrors this practice has caused but there's a word limit. DO NOT GO HERE OR TRUST THEM I think that screenshot is pretty solid proof of how trustworthy this practice is. THEY give themselves good reviews.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Jan 25, 2019:
We will surely look into your concern carefully and thoughtfully, and get in contact with you as soon as possible. thank you for sharing your concern.
Feb 9, 2019
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
As a chronic pain patient here in Tampa for a short time I have been well cared for with Dr. Medina and especially Alexis and the rest of his staff...
Jan 10, 2019
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
My experience with PPoA has been great. My initial impression on first visit was better than all the previous PM clinics. There wasn't a waiting room full of drug seekers, this clinic is not a pill mill. Staff is very professional and compassionate. The Dr. take the time to listen to your concerns. They have worked with me to get care without insurance and offer self pay at a reduced rate. They even offered a payment plan for procedures. We came up with a treatment plan to manage my pain incorporating: home care, PT, imaging, injection procedures and I was offered pharma-genetics (DNA testing) to choose the appropriate medicine. I believe in conservative medicine and committing to home therapy on a daily basis is key in recovery. I would definitely refer a friend or family member to PPoA. I'm in good hands.
Dec 31, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
One of the best Dr's around and a professional staff.I highly recommend him! All around just a great experience and good people. He actually cares!
Dec 19, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Doctor forgot to schedule the proper MRI for my wife, she had to get two separate procedures done, then I had an appointment for 4 pm, they called a few hours earlier to get me to reschedule it for 2:30 pm which was difficult for me with work, but I was still able to get there @ 3pm and I called about 45 minutes prior to tell them that I would be late (I was coming from St. Pete with some traffic). They told me because I was late I could not be seen, as far as I am concerned I was there an hour early! Do not come here unless you do not value your time.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Dec 20, 2018:
We regret to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but would appreciate the chance to turn your experience around. kWe will look into what happened and resolve this concern as soon as possible. We do value your wife as a patient and will do whatever we can to make things right.
Dec 4, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr Madina-Sanchez is an AWSOME Doctor. He is Very professional and knowledgeable about procedures for every diagnosis. The staff is friendly. I have been in pain management for 17 years. I feel 100% comfortable with this Dr and trust him doing my procedures and he does what is best for the patient. I highly recommend Dr Madina-Sanchez.
Nov 5, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
This was my first visit and I was in a lot of pain. I was nervous after leaving my pain management doctor of six years in another state. I found the staff to be somewhat professional but they needed to smile and make us feel welcome. I wish I would have gotten my new patient paperwork before I arrived. After filing out the all the papers needed I didn’t wait to long to be called back. I was taken to get my drug screen cup to pee in. I gave them my cup and was taken back to the room. The MA was nice and answered most of my questions. Soon after she left Dr. Medina-Sanchez walked in. He shook my hand and said “What can I do for you today?”. With a smile. We had a quick chat about my issues and problems. He seemed to know exactly what to do. I left feeling what I needed was taken care of. Finally a doctor that was professional and didn’t treat you like he hated his job. Dr. Medina-Sanchez was wonderful. Treating you like a person and not a number. Overall this was a pretty good experience. I was scheduled for my next visit and headed for my one hour journey back home. I will be back!
Oct 4, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
To be clear, the only reason they get 2 stars is because Dr. Medina is very friendly and the office manager Renee is very helpful and patient oriented. Outside of those 2 positive points this place defines unprofessionalism. From multi-hour wait times for appointments, to failed transport services on the day of a procedure, 2-3 hr wait times for procedures, absence of doctor at surgical center for a scheduled procedure, to the previous unfriendly rude staff I caution you against expecting to salvage any productive hours out of your work day if you have an appointment of any kind with this medical group. For all their advertising and boasting about “treating the problem not just the pain” and being “patient centric” this group could actually benefit from a few time management and human relations classes for the doctors and supporting staff alike.
Sep 28, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Awesome Dr and staff definetly would recommend to others hes caring he gets down to problem staff are wonderful as well
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Oct 11, 2018:
Thank you kindly for your positive review. We are glad you had a good experience and want to take this opportunity to let you know what a valued patient you are!
Sep 4, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr. Sanchez is a doctors that will sit down and talk with you and work with you on an intervention that works for both of us. He has the patients in mine and his listening skills and knowledgeare excellent he makes you feel it is in that he really cares for you and you can see it in his work. Dr. Sanchez, uses other means besides just medication different types of injections, RF procedures, just an all-around nice person and well respected. I would recommend to others that are in need or have difficulty with back pain or other type of pain Florida pain relief group is excellent. Sincerely Michael
Aug 14, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr Medina is the most professional and very understanding to my medical issues. Iv been goin thru 13 years of hell, until I met dr Medina. I don’t mean to sound vague but he saved my life. He listened to everything I had to say and every worry and concern I had. My pain is now managed more now then it has been my entire life. He discussed every option and even asked me what works for me and what I wanted instead of just telling me what I should and should do or take. I can now wake up every day without any issues or pain. I feel like after seeing Medina I can live my life to the fullest. Not only is he amazing his staff is also the sweetest most professional group i could ask for. Iv been thru so many offices drs and staff that have treated me unkind and unfair because of my age. Thank u for making my life worth living now and thank you to the staff for helping me with any problem or concerns I have. If anyone is looking for an amazing caring dr. Medina is the only one I can fully recommend for anyone to take the time if you are in pain or need anything after years of goin thru dr to dr for help. Thank you dr Medina and staff you guys are more than amazing you are a God sent!!
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Sep 25, 2018:
Thank you for your kind and detailed review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at Brandon - Florida Pain Relief Group! They appreciate you!
Aug 1, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I was a patient with Dr. Zhu for many years shortly after going septic and dealing with reoccurring Shingles and Trigeminal Neuralgia. When he passed away I thought no doctor will care the way he did. Well I was way wrong. In light of everything Dr. Medina came in and took one patient at a time and is getting to know you. As much as we all miss Dr. Zhu I'm sure happy we were blessed with a great doctor and caring staff.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Sep 25, 2018:
We all greatly appreciate your kind comments, Michelle. We will always miss Dr. Zhu but Dr. Medina has stepped up to the place very well. You are in great hands with him.
Jul 19, 2018
Facebook Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I Love Florida Pain Relief Group!! The front desk staff and auxiliary healthcare staff are great, but Dr. Stone is the ABSOLUTE BEST! She helped me resolve back pain I have suffered with for 6 years and she is currently helping me resolve debilitating shoulder/neck pain. I trust her completely (which is major kudos) and appreciate her thoroughness and patience in explaining the treatment plan(s) & realistic results. I am very happy I was referred to her and Florida Pain Relief Group.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Jul 19, 2018:
Thank you so much for the kind words. We will share them with Dr. Stone, her team, and the company at large. We are honored to serve you and value you as a patient.
Jun 29, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Always great people, and always doing a great job! Dr. Medina and the group.
Jun 26, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Comfort and caring
May 14, 2018
Facebook Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr. Medina goes above and beyond to address my pain issues and has always taken very good care of me. I would like to thank Dr. Medina for helping me through these troublesome times in my life. God Bless
Feb 28, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Florida Pain Relief Group is appalling to say the least. The doctor was very unprofessional from the moment he walked into the room. Dr. Medina didn't even examine my father but quickly "recommended" a surgical procedure WITH anesthesia. When my father began to ask questions Dr. Medina became very condescending and defensive. We weren't even in the office 35min before we walked out due to the unprofessionalism of the doctor. My father did not feel comfortable but was recommended to this office by his orthopaedic surgeon as a alternative to surgery, which is why we found it odd that the doctor from this place would insist on a surgical procedure. He also insisted several times to use their "in house" pharmacy and wanted my father to use their "in house" lab for work he already had done. "Shady" should've been blinking in the reception area because that's exactly how it felt. We left, did not make any additional appointments, and 3 months later he received a bill for over $9,000.00! No, our insurance will not and did not pay that over priced charge for a consultation or lack thereof. Shame on you and your clinic. It's no wonder there is such scrutiny against offices such as yours but, our Attorney General is right to keep you all under fine tooth comb. This was a horrible experience. We would never recommend this establishment to anyone. On the contrary, we will tell everyone to go else where.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Feb 28, 2018:

Thank you for your feed back. I am the regional clinical supervisor for this office. If you would permit me, I would love to speak to you about your father's experience with our office in more detail. We can absolutely discuss the charges you mentioned in your review. My name is Eric, please call me at our office. My extension is 1189. If I am unavailable at the time you call please leave a message with your name and call back number and I will defiantly call you as soon as I can. I hope to speak with you soon.

Thank you
Feb 23, 2018
Facebook Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
This establishment is absolutely deplorable. The doctors aren't resolution orientated and are very unprofessional. They have a scheme where they over charge with lab work and their pharmacy. Dr. Jose Medina Sanchez acted unbecoming of a doctor with combative tactics and threatening actions while I was in the office. The icing on the cake is when he sent through a $4000.00 prescription for overdose without informing me, implying that i am a drug addict after i contacted the corporate office. When he was well aware that my pain is cause by an autoimmune condition which there is no cure. The only thing that can be done is manage the pain with pain relief meds. If you are looking for understanding, caring, and empathetic staff for your health concerns don't come to this establishment. The whole experience was liken to a circus. I contacted the corporate office and no resolution was offered. Again, this entire experience was beyond poor. Do not waste your hard earn money.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Mar 13, 2018:
We are saddened to hear of your experience and are looking into this.

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