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Luis Nieves, MD

1717 Precinct Line Road Hurst, TX 76054

With a genuine and relatable nature, Dr. Luis Nieves instantly puts his patients at ease when they visit him. As an AGME fellowship-trained, board-certified pain management physician with the Texas Pain Relief Group, Dr. Nieves has the experience and the personality that allows patients seeking pain relief to rest assured knowing they have the best care.

As a young man, Dr. Nieves saw his uncle diagnosed with cancer and the pain it inflicted on his uncle as a result. Seeing that the cancer doctors were not comfortable treating pain, and had very few medications to assist his uncle with his pain, Dr. Nieves was then moved to take action and stop this from happening to any patients he has the power to help.

He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and trained in anesthesiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He later completed his residency in family medicine at John Peter Smith Health Network. After completing a fellowship in sports medicine at JPS Health Network, he was then selected as one of a few trainees in a prestigious interventional pain management program with JPS Health Network and UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Nieves receives his reward from seeing the transformation of patients: when they first come in to see him, sometimes in crippling pain, and later go to leading close to normal lives.

He also supports important causes, two of which are: the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, where he has given lectures; the Wounded Warrior Project.

Dr. Nieves’ preferred form of leisure is vacationing to Mexico and other countries. He also enjoys reading science fiction, and working on electronics, like computers.

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4.9 /5
18 Reviews

Apr 25, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Very compassionate and caring Dr. Gave my mom some much needed good news to help with her chronic pain she's had for years. Thanking God how this worked out.
Mar 24, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
This Doctor HAS HELPED ME. All my problems with acute chronic pain have not been solved, but Dr Neives has made it bearable. I deeply appreciate his and all his Office Staff's help.
Physician Partners of America replied on Apr 24, 2018:
We are so glad we could help you, Tia. Thank you for being a valued patient!
Feb 23, 2018
ZocDoc Physician Partners of America
Feel better, very personable. Always smiling.
Feb 23, 2018
ZocDoc Physician Partners of America
Dr. Nieves was very kind and listening very compassionate.
Jan 10, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Best Pain Doctor in the DFW area. Expert at pain relief procedures. Recommend Dr. Nieves fir all to get the pain relief needs!! Dr. Nieves is one of many other doctors on my Radio Show “Dr. Mirror, HEALTHCARE BEGINS WITH YOU”. On 1160AMKBDT every Sunday from 1000AM to 1100AM CST. So tune in to hear from. Dr. Nieves. Pete Persaud, Respiratory Care Practitioner
Jan 15, 2017
ZocDoc Physician Partners of America
My wait was due to the staff making a same day appointment. Dr. Nieves took the time to read & review the MRI's & reports I had. He was not in a rush- Dr. listened to me, gave me information & hope. First Dr. in a very long time that treated me like a person, not a "number" or a "cash cow." I highly recommend the Dr. His staff was also friendly, concerned & extremely well organized.
Jan 13, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
I'm going to miss Dr Nieves since my new insurance for 2017 doesn't cover him. Even though insurance drags you through hell as if your a criminal, Dr Nueves could explain & offer real solutions, never giving up on helping you deal with the pain. Thank you Dr Nieves!!!
Oct 13, 2016
ZocDoc Physician Partners of America
Yes one of the kindest most caring and gifted doctors I have ever had the privilege to meet I would highly recommend him
May 18, 2016
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I have battled neck pain for many years. I became addicted to narcotics and it almost ruined my life. Dr. Nieves listened to my concerns and recommended a cervical injection. I have 0 pain now in my neck. I am sober. Dr. Nieves saved my life! Thank YOU!
Mar 27, 2016
Vitals Physician Partners of America
Dr Nieves office can sometimes take a while to get you seen by him or the P.A. but he takes his time with you and cares about you and gives shots, etc that can help. You can tell by his demeanor that he is patient and wants to help you and is not in it just for the money.
Feb 14, 2016
Vitals Physician Partners of America
The only doctor that really listened and helped my pain. i was seen by 9 doctors and they all did not help. thought i was lying. wouldn't help. that was a horrible experience couldn't walk and in so much pain. from day 1 Dr.Nieves helped. put me on meds and scheduled a procedure. explained exactly why i had the pain which no other doctor did. i could tell but how he talked and what was said he knew my pain and what i was going thru. i can now play with my nieces and nephews. i can now enjoy the day instead of lay on the sofa in pain and not walking.
Nov 23, 2015
Vitals Physician Partners of America
Dr. Nieves rocks and Ray does too.
Mar 24, 2015
Vitals Physician Partners of America
Dr.Nieves is an awesome pain management doctor he did everything he could to help me when I was in so much pain,it very convenient to make an appointment and Mr.Shoulders is great as well they make a great team,thank you.
Mar 14, 2015
UCompare Physician Partners of America
yes he was my doctor in Corsicana Texas. I wish He was still here. He in very knowledgeable, kind and a compassionate doctor. I really know he truly can help people with pain and many other ways. He takes time and explains to you thoroughly. Janet Skews
Jan 12, 2015
Vitals Physician Partners of America
Ray his PA is a huge asset. He is professional, compassionate, intelligent, and a pleasure to see. I would recommend these guys any time.
Dec 19, 2014
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I LOVE the way he not only treated me, but also the simple fact that he listened to what was going on, and did EVERYTHING he could possibly do to help me at least sit up and "see" my friends and even go out for a bit. He is the ONLY pain doctor that I have seen that didn't think of me as just a number or even worse, as a liar!!
Sep 3, 2010
Vitals Physician Partners of America
thank you so much, i saw a helper who use to come take care of my home, i did a turn and said i had an operation on tuesday, it was easier to lighten up on the basket than hold on, i am so so thankful. the ice chest, i am awaiting so i can regenerate, the cover to wear at home all day, i would like to go to the office so as to do it correctly and best , this is as well as winning the lotto! on my way home, i stopped at my cousins, she is a police officer, with 4 about grown kids, they all saw that i am not hump back now i can raise my shoulder as to stretch. thank you dr nieves.
Dec 18, 2008
Vitals Physician Partners of America
this doctor is very professional,and he handles his visits very accurately.he was my pcp for a little over two years and he took care of my problems every time with a 100% care.he even took time to take care of an urgent problem i had on his own time while he wasn't in office.very good doctor and a straight up good friend

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