WEBINAR: A Doctor’s Secret Weapons against the Opioid Crisis

Webinar: The Opioid Crisis

Presenter: Abraham Rivera, M.D, Chief Medical Officer

Audience: doctors and patients

Title: A Doctor’s Secret Weapons against the Opioid Crisis


  • Statistics on opioid epidemic
  • Why interventional pain management is NOT the same as a “pill mill”
  • CDC guidelines and the latest laws on opioid prescribing
  • Common interventional treatments
  • How interventional procedures result in less pain and thus less need for opioids
  • Other tools in an interventional pain management physician’s toolkit:
    • Drug genes testing (pharmacogenomics)
    • Stem cells
    • Spinal cord stimulators (last resort)
    • Minimally invasive spine surgery (last resort)
  • When opioids are needed – acute vs. chronic pain
  • Opioid alternatives
  • What to look for in a pain management clinic

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