Nerve Pain

The Reasons for Nerve Pain

Peripheral nerves that have been damaged are the reason why most people experience nerve pain. Your peripheral nervous system is what sends signals from your central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, to the rest of your body. When your peripheral nervous system is damaged, it can result in pain that is so serious it can leave you bedridden. Professional pain relief is often the only way to relieve peripheral nerve pain.

Common Causes of Nerve Pain

There are a lot of things that can trigger your nerves, leading to pain. Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be experiencing peripheral nerve pain:

  • Toxins
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer Medication
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Genetics
  • Injury
  • Tumors

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Do You Need a Pain Doctor?

If you are dealing with nerve pain or peripheral neuropathy, know that you’re not alone. Is estimated that in the United States alone more than three million people are affected by this condition annually.

In addition to pain, you may be experiencing weakness and numbness in the area affected by the damaged nerves or nerve endings. For most people, this means pain and weakness in their hands and feet.

Nerve pain can be a chronic condition. For some people nerve pain lasts indefinitely. Our goal is to lessen the intensity of the pain that you’re feeling immediately. Then we want to work with you in creating a pain management program that allows you to live life to the fullest, without having nerve pain dictate your life.

If nerve pain is getting on your nerves, it’s time to talk to pain management physicians who care.

How Our Pain Doctors Can Help

In order for us to provide you with the highest level of care, when you visit our Texas treatment center, we are going to be interested in learning from you what treatments have been successful and what treatments have not worked so far to manage your pain. From there we are going to work with you to create an individualized treatment for your nerve pain. Some options include:

  • Botox for Chronic Pain Relief
  • Stellate Ganglion Block
  • Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
  • Facet Joint Injections
  • Lumbar Sympathetic Block
  • Trigger Point Injections

Based on the source of the pain, our team of medical specialists is going to identify the proper treatment and therapy to help eliminate your pain and allow you to control it as you go forward. It’s just a phone call or click away.

You Don’t Need to Suffer Anymore

Nerve pain can debilitate you regardless of your age. It stops you from enjoying all that life has to offer. You not able to enjoy time with your loved ones, and you feel like you have no control over your life. We invite you to take the reins of your life into your hands. Schedule a visit with the physicians of Texas Pain Relief Group!

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