Migraine Pain

Why Do You Get Migraines?

The reasons for migraines range from hormonal imbalances to stress to dietary issues. Each one of these can trigger the excruciating pain associated with migraines.

  • Processed foods, especially those with a high salt content have been connected to migraine pain.
  • Food additives, such as artificial sweeteners, MSG, and aspartame, have been linked to migraine headaches as well as other health issues.
  • Beverages including wine, tea, and sodas with a high caffeine content have been known to trigger migraines.
  • Stress is an all-around killer. There are many physical, psychological, and neurological issues associated to stress, including migraines.
  • Physical events like intense exertion while playing sports, engaging in sexual activities, or exercising may trigger a migraine.
  • Hormonal changes in women, such as fluctuations in estrogen prior to or during the menstrual cycle, can trigger a migraine.

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Migraine Headache Pain Relief Treatments

Botox is a powerful neurotoxin that has been shown to minimize migraine pain. Injections are given in specific places on the neck and on the head to minimize the severity and frequency of migraine attacks.

The amount of relief Botox can provide a migraine sufferer will vary depending on the patient. However, most doctors recommend getting touch up treatments every 12 weeks.

The power of Botox comes from its ability to interrupt pain signal transmissions from the nerves to the muscles in the treated area. Although the paralysis is not permanent, while it lasts many patients do not experience migraine pain. As the Botox effect wears off, the nerves linked to your migraine pain will regain their sensation, and your migraines may return until you receive a follow-up treatment.

How Our Pain Doctors Can Help

First, our pain doctors understand that a migraine and a normal headache are two completely different beasts. The pain associated with a migraine can be so severe that no amount of self-medication is going to help. Special treatments, such as using Botox, can be the difference between you living in agony for days on end or you getting back to living a normal life. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Help is within your grasp.

Don’t Waste Another Day in Pain

Migraine headache pain can rob you of your life. It stops you from being active and enjoying time with people you care about. Take control of your migraines today by scheduling an appointment with the physicians of The Texas Pain Relief Group.

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