What Are the Causes of Chronic Back Pain?

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A recurring question for chronic back pain sufferers is, why is this happening to me? Chronic back pain stops your life in its tracks. Since we use our back so frequently, chronic back pain is a relatively common problem.

You may develop chronic lower back pain because you:

  • Have a Job Where You Sit the Majority of the Day
  • Have a Herniated Disc
  • Have Strained a Muscle
  • Have Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Have Joint Disease
  • Have an Injury from an Accident
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Shoulder Impingement syndrome

Do You Need a Pain Doctor?

Conditions that lead to back pain change with age. If you’re under 60, it is likely that your back pain is the result of a strained muscle or other soft-tissue.

If you’re over 60, the back pain may be caused by osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or some other type of joint degeneration. Compression fractures are another common cause of back pain in seniors.

Fortunately, we are equipped with back specialists who can identify the source of your pain and provide long-term pain management.

How Our Doctors Can Help

Successfully treating back pain is a challenge, and many people suffer with it even though they try various home remedies. This is where we step in. We are pleased to present you with multiple treatment options designed to identify where your pain is coming from and then eliminate it.

Our process begins with us having a frank discussion with you at our Texas treatment center. We want to hear from you about what’s worked and what has not worked when it comes to your personal pain management. Armed with this information, we are able to come up with additional forms of pain relief treatments, such as chiropractic visits, spinal cord stimulation, lumbar epidural steroid injections, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and physical therapy.

You Have Already Suffered Enough

You have seen firsthand how debilitating chronic pain is. It has stopped you from being an active and happy person. It has impacted your interactions with the people who you love. Do something about it. Take control of your life today by contacting the Texas Pain Relief Group!

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