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Physician Partners of America (PPOA) is pleased to announce that William Milo has joined the company as Senior Vice President of Practice Operations.

He will oversee all of PPOA’s clinics, including 23 interventional pain management locations in Texas and Florida. The company recently expanded its Florida operations, and will open pain management clinics in Wellington, Orange Park and Jacksonville later this month.

Milo formerly served as Vice President of Operations and Physician Services at Surgery Partners in Tampa, and Vice President of its subsidiary, Logan Laboratories, Inc. Before that, Milo served in the Human Resources department of Cleveland Clinic Florida and as Associate Administrator of Medical Surgical Specialists, a 70 physician group practice of Health Management Associates.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Florida State University, a master’s degree in Business Administration from Hodges University, and has received his Senior Professional in Human Resource (SPHR) certification from the Society for Human Resources Management.

When confronted with a headache the first thought is to grab the nearest over-the-counter pain medication and wait for the pain to subside.

When that doesn’t work, you are faced with the question of what to do next.

Jonette Gozzola NP, a Dallas headache specialist, offers these Do’s and Don’ts for how to respond when a headache comes, and what next steps should be taken.


  • Seek competent medical evaluation. Migraines cause missed work, family activities and even cause problems in relationships
  • Recognize “triggers” that cause your migraines. Again, a trained clinician can help. Common triggers-stress, certain foods, sleep disturbance, weather changes
  • Keep a headache diary. Record level of intensity and frequency of all headaches.
  • Seek immediate emergency help for “’the worst headache I have ever had”


  • Overuse rescue medications. You need to be in control of headaches not be being controlled by headaches
  • Delay seeking a headache professional for guidance and appropriate medication
  • Seek more and stronger “pain” medication. It may be poison for the person with a migraine
  • Ignore signs of a growing problem-mood disruption, decreased cognitive function, muscle tension, excessive yawning, increasing frequency, and intensity

A migraine is a condition of the nervous system that can be serious and debilitating. It is not “just a headache”. Help is available for you to control this condition and take back your life. You are a valuable person who people love and appreciate! Let us help you get back to being you!