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Self-medicating isn’t always the answer.

In fact, popping Advil and Tylenol every couple of hours to numb the pain is potentially really bad for you. Sure, once and a while a headache or sore shoulder can be helped by OTC meds, but for the chronic, lasting, recurring pain it’s much better to seek professional pain management from the specialists like ours right here in Tampa.

We offer minimally invasive procedures specifically designed to manage your pain that allow you to live a normal life instead of living in pain. We’ll list some below with links so you can explore several pain treatments that can make your life much more enjoyable.

Tampa Pain Management Treatments

Celiac Plexus Block – Celiac plexus blocks are injections of pain relief solution that soothes stomach pain caused by disease or incessant pancreatitis.

Facet Joint Injections – A facet joint injection is a fairly straightforward procedure performed by using an x-ray (fluoroscopy) to guide and place the needle while avoiding potential nearby nerve harm or injury.

Nerve Blocks – A nerve block is an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injection into a particular nerve or group of nerves for pain relief. The aim is to block pain signal(s) coming from a specific location in the body and/or decrease inflammation in that area.

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection – Epidural steroid injection (ESIs) are a typical treatment alternative for some types of low back pain and leg pain. The injections deliver medication directly (or as close as possible to) the source of pain generation.

Morphine Pump Implants – A spinal infusion pump implant, commonly known as a morphine pump, is a specialized device that delivers concentrated amounts of medication into the spinal fluid space through a small catheter.

Regenerative Medicine – A true advanced medicine of tomorrow available today, regenerative medicine promotes self-healing through using your body’s own stem cells which can be altered into healthy cells for any organ in the body, thus replacing the damaged ones. Additionally, the platelet-rich plasma in the blood can be used for inflammation and pain relief.

Pain Relief Through Proper Management

Our Tampa pain doctors at Florida Pain Relief Group are the among the best pain management doctors in Tampa area for good reason: Unmatched expertise and experience. Trust your pain relief to the team that specializes in it every day.