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Get treatment for back pain in Tampa

Tampa pain specialist Dr. Rodolfo Gari of Florida Pain Relief Group recently appeared on WFLA’s mid-day program to discuss the benefits of spinal cord stimulation.

Spinal cord simulation is a procedure that treats patients with chronic back pain in Tampa. For patients whose chronic pain is not controlled through medication or other techniques, spinal cord stimulation can offer real pain relief.

In the video below, Dr. Gari, medical director of the Tampa pain relief center locations in East Tampa, North Tampa and Carrollwood discusses the benefits of spinal cord stimulation and the types of conditions that can be treated with it.

Got sciatica pain and nowhere to go?

Well, now you do. Physician Partners of America has pain clinics in Tampa to make sure sciatica pain relief is always just moments away.

Let’s talk a little bit about sciatica real quick.

The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back (lumbar region), down through your hips and buttocks and down each leg branching out into the feet. Half of your body can feel pain when this nerve suffers compression at any point.

This compression, or pressure on the nerves, is usually due to either: bone spurs, abnormal growths (cysts or tumors), herniated/slipped discs, or a disorder called spinal stenosis where the spinal canal is narrowed.

Symptoms of sciatica may be shooting pains down one leg, tingling sensations or numbness.

Tampa Sciatica Pain Relief Treatments

Treating your sciatica pain at our Tampa clinics can be done through minimally invasive surgeries or procedures using medication, or through non-pharmacological therapies where a more natural approach is taken. Our clinics offer a well-rounded, complete pain management environment where a variety of pain relief treatments can be utilized to get you better faster.

Depending upon the underlying cause for your sciatica pain, our doctors will discuss the best treatment options for you.

Selection of Sciatica Treatments

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection – Epidural steroid injections deliver medication directly (or as close as possible to) the source of pain generation.

Lumbar Sympathetic Block – A lumbar sympathetic block is an injection in the lower back that targets the lumbar sympathetic nerves, a series of nerves that carry pain signals from the lower extremities.

Nerve Block – A nerve block is an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injection into a particular nerve or group of nerves for pain relief. The aim is to block pain signal(s) coming from a specific location in the body and/or decrease inflammation in that area.

Non-Pharmacological – A more organic and natural approach to healing with non-drug treatments, we offer such therapies as acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, physical therapy, massage, guided symbolism, pet therapy and more. Used in conjunction with our other methods, these procedures do very well to keep pain managed over time.

Self-medicating isn’t always the answer.

In fact, popping Advil and Tylenol every couple of hours to numb the pain is potentially really bad for you. Sure, once and a while a headache or sore shoulder can be helped by OTC meds, but for the chronic, lasting, recurring pain it’s much better to seek professional pain management from the specialists like ours right here in Tampa.

We offer minimally invasive procedures specifically designed to manage your pain that allow you to live a normal life instead of living in pain. We’ll list some below with links so you can explore several pain treatments that can make your life much more enjoyable.

Tampa Pain Management Treatments

Celiac Plexus Block – Celiac plexus blocks are injections of pain relief solution that soothes stomach pain caused by disease or incessant pancreatitis.

Facet Joint Injections – A facet joint injection is a fairly straightforward procedure performed by using an x-ray (fluoroscopy) to guide and place the needle while avoiding potential nearby nerve harm or injury.

Nerve Blocks – A nerve block is an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injection into a particular nerve or group of nerves for pain relief. The aim is to block pain signal(s) coming from a specific location in the body and/or decrease inflammation in that area.

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection – Epidural steroid injection (ESIs) are a typical treatment alternative for some types of low back pain and leg pain. The injections deliver medication directly (or as close as possible to) the source of pain generation.

Morphine Pump Implants – A spinal infusion pump implant, commonly known as a morphine pump, is a specialized device that delivers concentrated amounts of medication into the spinal fluid space through a small catheter.

Regenerative Medicine – A true advanced medicine of tomorrow available today, regenerative medicine promotes self-healing through using your body’s own stem cells which can be altered into healthy cells for any organ in the body, thus replacing the damaged ones. Additionally, the platelet-rich plasma in the blood can be used for inflammation and pain relief.

Pain Relief Through Proper Management

Our Tampa pain doctors at Florida Pain Relief Group are the among the best pain management doctors in Tampa area for good reason: Unmatched expertise and experience. Trust your pain relief to the team that specializes in it every day.

Finding relief from chronic back pain in Tampa can be a long journey of trial and error. Some doctors who are not specialists may simply recommend an over-the-counter (OTC) treatment plan.

Others will take a dramatically different approach and suggest an invasive surgical procedure to determine the cause of the chronic back pain condition.

For many people, however, neither solution is the right one to help achieve lasting relief from chronic back pain.

In a recent appearance at the WFLA “DayTime” program, Dr. Rodolo Gari, medical director of Florida Pain Relief group in Tampa, FL, explained how a procedure called a Kyphoplasty is a viable non-surgical option for achieve lower back pain relief in Tampa.

Watch the video below to learn more: pain specialist Dr. Rudy Gari recently appeared on WFLA New Channel 8’s program “DayTime” to discuss non-surgical and non-invasive options available to patients with chronic pain.

Dr. Gari is the Medical Director of Florida Pain Relief Group. With three Tampa locations on Habana Ave., Fletcher Ave., and in Carrollwood, Dr. Gari has the latest in non-invasive and non-surgical pain relief techniques available to him in Tampa.

Dr. Rodolfo Gari has practiced interventional pain management in Tampa for more than 20 years and has experience successfully treating any kind of chronic pain.

Watch the video here:

Suffering From Whiplash?

You’re headed home in typical Tampa rush hour traffic. People are getting out of work and piling into their cars to get home like everyone else. The light turns red and you stop. Suddenly… another car rear-ends you while sitting at the light. Of course you weren’t expecting this, so your head violently jerks forward and back as your car is pushed several feet into the middle of the intersection.

Dazed. Confused. You slowly get out of your vehicle and look back at the other driver who’s already panicking. Surprisingly, you’re not in any pain right now, but once the shock and adrenaline wear off, you may begin to feel severe neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. That’s called whiplash and it’s serious.

How to Tell If You Have Whiplash

As we said, the warning signs for whiplash probably won’t show themselves right away. The adrenaline rush and shock must first subside before the pain of the injury can show itself. Some of this warning signs – or symptoms – can be:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Painful neck movement
  • Range of motion decreases in the neck
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain and/or tenderness
  • Tingling down the arms

Our Pain Experts in Tampa Can Treat Whiplash

Of course our example was a car wreck, but a person can get whiplash from a variety of events such as a sports injury or traumatic accident. You should contact the pain experts at Physician Partners of America if you begin to experience any of the listed symptoms above in addition to any other neck pain after any injury you may have receivedGetting a prompt diagnosis – and treatment if whiplash is the case – is vitally important to restoring full mobility of your neck and to eliminate the pain.

Remember, you may not feel the pain right away. Don’t dismiss the fact that the injury occurred and the effects are on the horizon. Better safe than sorry, right? With that in mind, even if you’ve been injured, but don’t think it’s whiplash, let our pain management team here at Physician Partners of America take a look.

Pain Management in Tampa Bay

A bad back. A sore neck. A throbbing knee. A twisted ankle. What do these things have in common? For one, they are uncomfortable, and two, they often require medical attention because an ice pack isn’t always a magic cure-all. Nope, for real relief, you need to call on the Tampa pain management doctors at Physician Partners of America.

We’re experts in pain.

Our founder, Dr. Rodolfo Gari, says it best when he says that Physician Partners of America are “experts in pain.” The minimally invasive treatments and therapies we offer at our Tampa pain relief centers are as innovative as they are effective. Pain relief and management is the aim and we always hit our target. If you’ve been suffering from constant, nagging, chronic pain and need a solution, we offer a way out. Our pain specialists are on a mission to eliminate pain and give people their lives back.

These are the doctors you are looking for.

It stands to reason that you are searching for a way to relieve the pain that you couldn’t find with standard OTC (over-the-counter) medications or the various homemade remedies being touted online. Your pain is unique to you, so your treatment should be as well. Our pain management doctors in Tampa are the doctors you’ve been looking for. They have your pain management solution. All you have to do is call or come by to schedule a same-day appointment. Pain relief is at hand!

Tampa Locals Helping Tampa Locals

We aren’t located in a galaxy far, far away. Our pain specialists are located right here in the Tampa Bay area just like you. There’s no need to take a road trip (or rocket ship) for pain relief when we’re in the neighborhood. There’s also no reason to subject yourself to unnecessary surgery when our pain relief techniques are designed to be minimally invasive and highly successful.

If you’re in pain and done with the endless suffering, contact Physician Partners of America right now. Our pain specialists are available at Tampa pain relief centers in East Tampa, North Tampa and Carrollwood.