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Dr. James St. Louis, director of the Minimally Invasive Spine Division at Physician Partners of America, has helped thousands of patients regain more fulfilling lives through minimally invasive spine procedures.

He recently added a new technique to his practice: implanting an HF10 spinal cord stimulator (SCS) with a paddle lead endoscopically. With a tiny incision and just a few sutures, he enables qualified patients to take control of intractable pain where other techniques have failed.

Implanting a spinal cord stimulator, especially with paddle leads, typically requires a large, open incision and a laminectomy. Dr. St. Louis’s expertise with minimally invasive endoscopic techniques allows him to implant the device with an incision that needs few stitches to close.

Spinal cord stimulators distract the brain from the pain signals it receives from the spine or extremities. Dr. St. Louis surgically attaches these small electronic devices to the spine. Wire-like leads from the device are carefully positioned along the spinal cord. The stimulator then sends mild electrical currents through the lead to stimulate the spinal cord nerve fibers. These currents blunt pain signals before the brain can register them as painful sensations.

The high frequency stimulation and design make the HF10 unique. The shape and texture of the stimulator makes it a better fit for the spinal cord, reducing any chance of migration. This product also provides an adjustable range of pulses to better relieve the patient’s pain.




Benefits of the high frequency HF10 SCS include:

  • FDA- approved
  • Clinically proven to provide superior relief of back and leg pain
  • High frequency and adjustable
  • Superior coverage on spine
  • Less chance of migration throughout the back
  • Minimally invasive
  • User-friendly
  • Only requires outpatient care

This product is beneficial to patients who have identified the medical cause of their pain, tried previous pain reduction interventions without success, and are not good candidates for other procedures. Based on the needs of the patient, Dr. St. Louis will choose a product that will perfectly suit an individual’s condition.

“I am excited to continue to use the HF10 spinal cord stimulator to help bring pain relief to our patients.” – Dr. James St. Louis

To learn more about our surgeon and the HF10 device, visit Dr. James St Louis’ bio or HF10.com. To find out if you may be a candidate, please call 800-400-7762.