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If you’ve been investigating laser spine procedures in Orange Park, FL or the Jacksonville area, contact Dr. Harsh Dangaria.

Based in our Orange Park, FL pain management clinic, he is double board-certified in Pain Management and in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Dangaria has contributed to many peer-reviewed journals and textbooks, and is a sought-after speaker at academic meetings.

An expert in treating many kinds of pain conditions through interventional and nonsurgical treatments, Dr. Dangaria is universally known for treating patients with both compassion and customized treatment plans. He is consistently five-star rated by his patients with such comments as:

One of the nicest doctors I have ever met

He understands me and my pain

His expertise in the field is evident and he is ahead of the curve when it comes to new and innovative treatment for many different pain conditions.

So it’s only natural that Dr. Dangaria would begin treating neck and back pain with laser spine procedures. The laser is the latest tool used by Physician Partners of America specialists to relieve pain without opioids. It precisely targets pain-causing nerves along the spine and ablates them quickly.

The incision is just 2-3 mm. – that’s smaller than one quarter-inch.  Muscles and tissue do not have to be torn or cut, so recovery takes in days or a few weeks, not months as is typical with open-back surgery. You walk out on your own after the procedure and, for most people, the original pain is relieved quickly — sometimes instantly.

Dr. Dangaria performs this procedure for two common debilitating conditions: arthritis of the spine and facet disease.  His offices accept most insurance as well as Medicare. He will explain all your options, from conservative to cutting-edge, and do his best to get you back to doing the things you love.

Learn how laser can rechange your life! Make an appointment with Dr. Dangaria at or call (904) 844-0017 to see if you’re a candidate for laser spine procedures in Orange Park, FL or anywhere along the First Coast.

Don’t miss a money-saving opportunity –

The clock is ticking on your health insurance costs and expenses for the year. Have you met your deductible? Have you used up your FSA or HSA? On Jan. 1, many insurance plan deductibles – the amount you’re responsible for paying before your insurance plan picks up the bill – reset to $0. You have just a few weeks left to “use it or lose it.”

If this applies to you, here are four health insurance tips to help you make the most of your healthcare dollars.

Have you met your deductible?

If you have or are close to it, schedule a visit to a primary care doctor for those tests you’ve been putting off. If your goal is to get pain-free in the new year, schedule an appointment with an interventional pain management specialist or laser spine surgeon. Physician Partners of America offers fast appointments at its pain management, laser spine and orthopedic practices.

To get a handle on health insurance costs, it’s also a good idea to refill prescriptions and schedule lab work and imaging before year’s end if insurance is likely to pick up the tab. Of course, it’s important to check your plan, as your coinsurance must also be factored in.

Still have a way to go to meet your deductible?

You should not put off seeing a doctor for serious or nagging conditions; but if you’ve only used up a fraction of your deductible, any major expenses in November and December will likely come out of your pocket. If you have chronic spine pain, here’s good news: You can schedule a second opinion with a Physician Partners of America laser spine surgeon in Texas or Florida, and have the procedure when your deductible resets in January.

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Flexible Spending Accounts let you set aside tax-free money at the start of each year to pay for certain healthcare expenses. The downside? What you don’t use by Dec. 31, you lose. It’s important to get everything you need now. The list of eligible expenses is long and surprising: it includes prescriptions, imaging, and even travel expenses related to medical treatment for patients and certain caregivers. Pain patients eligible for laser spine procedures by renowned specialists Dr. James St. Louis and Dr. Phillip Kravetz may be able to get reimbursement for airfare, meals and lodging.

What if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Unlike the FSA, Health Savings Account dollars roll over from one year to the next. There is no pressure to spend it by the end of December. If you are young and in good health, some financial advisors suggest putting any leftover HSA funds in a tax-free investment like mutual funds to increase its value.

Good health and more money top the list of New Year’s resolutions. Get a start on both by using your end-of-year health insurance dollars wisely.


Tampa pain specialist Dr. Rodolfo Gari of Physician Partners of America recently appeared on the NBC program DayTime to talk about the benefits and draw-backs of over-the-counter pain relievers.

There are many companies who claim to have created a patch or pill that will significantly ease or completely eliminate chronic pain. In many cases these results are inflated or completely untrue.

While every patient’s chronic pain is different, it’s vital that any chronic pain relief regiment is decided on in conjunction with a medical professional. Chronic pain is a serious medical condition and requires a medical professional to appropriately treat and diagnose.

Watch the video here: