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Tampa COVID-19 Testing Gives PCR Results in as little as 24 Hours

Physician Partners of America drive-through and at-home Covid testing came along at just the right moment to assist thousands of people with timely results, and still does. Whether one wants concierge service or to drive up and go, PPOA offer excellent options for rapid test results.

“Since our drive-through site opened, about 5,000 people have taken advantage of the service,” said Rekha Rajan-Wilson, PPOA Vice President of Compliance and Risk. “PPOA is honored to be able to serve our community with this added service.”

“Since its introduction, over 750 people have also taken advantage of the VIP option,” said Rajan-Wilson. “We knew that many people would appreciate the VIP service and they still do. The benefits of at-home test isn’t just added convenience but also as an extra step of care if you already have symptoms and wish to isolate.”

The VIP service has been an ideal choice for people who live within 20 miles of the office to get an at-home or office-based test, where a PPOA employee comes to them. “They’re asking us to come into their home, test the families, getting them results within 24 hours. They’re in the comfort of their own home, so I think they feel a little bit more at ease that way,” Rajan-Wilson said.

PPOA offers two different types of tests – diagnostic and antibody tests. PPOA’s PCR testing is 24 hour turnaround and sometimes even the same day.

With the diagnostic test, a person may know if they have an active coronavirus infection and should take steps to quarantine or isolate themself from others.

The antibody test looks for antibodies that are made by a person’s immune system in response to a threat, such as a specific virus and may stay in the blood for several weeks or more after recovery. Because of this, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose an active coronavirus infection.

“We intend to keep our Tampa site open as long as there’s a community need,” said Rajan-Wilson.

Testing is open to anyone with or without symptoms. All insurances are accepted for the test that returns results in 72 hours. Both options offer the nasal swab and PCR testing which is 99.9% accurate.

The drive-thru site is located at 3450 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa 33613

Appointments are required. People must pre-register at ppoalabtest.com or by calling 855-630-SWAB(7922). A representative will call back with a time slot.