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Our employees are all patient care champions, but some go the extra mile and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. They embody the PPOA values known as S.I.T.E. – Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Empathy – which informs our service to patients and the community through high quality health care.

Kristen’s original career choice was to practice law. Time and circumstances led her to the medical career, and she quickly realized that medicine was where her passion lied.

Kristen Glass was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, and in 2011, she moved to Florida. She learned a bit about the healthcare field, and ended up attending St. Petersburg College and Hillsborough Community College, where she later trained as an EMT. Working in this high-pressure role, she developed crucial skills, such as critical thinking under pressure. She also learned from working with well-trained professionals in the industry, including firefighters and other paramedics.

This skill set laid the foundation that she now has to provide superior care as a Medical Assistant for Physician Partners of America. In her role, she works at the right hand of the physicians and practice managers at the New Port Richey location. She is the patient’s first point of contact before they visit their physician, and she prepares them for their visit.

“She works hard and is very dedicated,” says Robyn Aydelott, a Nurse Practitioner with PPOA’s New Port Richey location.

Kristen’s sharp and strategic mind makes her a natural success at caring for patients. The progress that patients make in their journey to recovery is what gives her a sense of fulfillment on a daily basis. She enjoys knowing that she has played a role in helping these patients to regain their strength and health.

“The best part of it is all is knowing that it’s us who helped them,” says Kristen Glass. “We were able to change their life.”

Kristen is very focused on her career, and has a bright future ahead of her in medicine. We at PPOA consider her to be a wonderful asset to the team.

“Kristen is one of the most hard working and dedicated employees that I have ever worked with,” says Theresa Gabriel, a Nurse Practitioner with PPOA’s New Port Richey location. “She is cheerful and pleasant even when she has a multitude of tasks piled up on her desk. She is greatly loved and appreciated by patients and staff.”

In her free time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her energetic son, whom she home schools.