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Tricare makes pain relief affordable for active duty and veterans

Military members living with neck and back pain can now get affordable treatment with their military medical insurance. Physician Partners of America Minimally Invasive Spine Group accepts Tricare, including Tricare Prime, for laser spine procedures. This includes treatment for active duty, reserves and retired military.

Our laser spine surgeon, Dr. James St. Louis, is a U.S. Army veteran and has been treating fellow service members for 30 years. The surgical founder of Laser Spine Institute, he is pleased to extend this groundbreaking outpatient surgical option to patients at Physician Partners of America in Florida and beyond.

“Laser surgery allows patients to return to their activities within days or weeks instead of months, as is the case with open surgery – and that is in their best interest,” says Dr. St. Louis.

Causes of military back injury

The physical stresses of combat and the rigors of training – carrying weapons and heavy packs, running, jumping, marching and parachuting – can cause neck, back and musculoskeletal pain. Trips and falls are other common culprits. Left untreated, these and other spinal problems can lead to limited civilian job prospects and disability.

According to, common back injuries associated with military service include:

  • Bulging and herniated discs
  • Compressed nerves
  • Intervertebral disc syndrome
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Cervical spine fracture
  • Misaligned vertebrae

Physician Partners of America can evaluate military patients for all of these conditions.

“I see a lot of herniated discs and compressed nerves in military patients,” says Dr. St. Louis. “Because they’re generally young and healthy, we can help them, in selected cases, without the need for spinal fusion.”

It also eliminates the need for opioid pain killers because it targets on the treatment area specifically without the side effects of oral medications.

What is laser spine surgery?

Minimally invasive laser spine procedures treat severe spine-related pain on an outpatient basis: no overnights in the hospital or weeks in bed recuperating. A small incision (less than one inch) and muscle-sparing surgical techniques are the key. Dilation tubes, about as wide as a magic marker, gently spread muscles instead of the cutting and tearing common with traditional open back surgery. The laser is used for ablations and removing tissue that presses on nerves.

Common procedures include laser facet ablation, laser discectomy, laminotomy and foraminotomy. These allow for decompression of nerves that exit the spinal canal.

The methods used in PPOA’s minimally invasive laser spine surgery​ allow for a fast recovery. Most patients are able to walk out of the surgery center the same day and resume activities in days or weeks, as opposed to months with traditional surgery. That – and the affordability that Tricare insurance offers – are a plus for military members.

“Military patients are the best patients,” says Dr. St. Louis. “They are motivated to get back to work. They’re generally healthy, have a good work ethic, and want to get back to a productive life.”