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Dr. Edrick Lopez Treats Migraines with Botox-

We all know Botox– or botulinum toxin – to be a beautifying procedure. However, a second purpose has come to light and people everywhere are finding relief for their chronic pain. Doctors have found that for a person suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, facial pain, or even migraines, a visit to Botox specialist can provide quick and effective relief from pain that just doesn’t respond well to other treatments.

Dr. Edrick Lopez, a Harvard-trained intervention pain management specialist with Physician Partners of America’s (PPOA) McKinney, Texas location, takes a multidisciplinary approach to pain relief ranging from neck, back, and joint injections to Botox for migraine headaches and regenerative medicine.

How Does it Work?

Botox is used for multiple purposed and to many, is viewed as one of modern medicine’s most fascinating treatments. A protein produced by certain types of bacteria, botulinum toxin, in its natural form, is one of the most toxic substances known to man. The toxin itself works by blocking a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which forces muscles to relax; in large doses Botox causes parts of the body to shut down completely, but when administered in small doses by a trained professional, it relaxes muscles safely and locally to smooth out wrinkles and to target muscular sources of chronic pain. Decades of research and careful refinement of the toxin has allowed scientists to start using this substance for good, and today Botox is used safely in millions of procedures, both medical and cosmetic.

What Conditions Can Botox Treat?

Because it relaxes muscles, pain management doctors at PPOA’s clinics, along with Dr. Lopez, find that Botox is particularly effective at treating chronic pain that is muscular in origin. Botox can be especially helpful when treating conditions such as whiplash, TMJ, and lower back pain. In these cases, Botox forces the muscles to relax, allowing joints to return to their natural position without pain.

“Botox is a great alternative for patients who suffer from chronic migraines,” says Dr. Lopez. “It can significantly enhance the quality of life of these patients by reducing the intensity and the frequency of their migraine headaches.”

Botox is also FDA approved as a treatment for chronic migraines. Regular injections at specific sites around the head and neck can create long-term relief for patients who suffer migraines more than 15 days out of the year, and for patients who have tried and failed at least 2 different preventative medications.

Injections to treat chronic migraines are usually administered once every 12 weeks, and, as with other Botox-treated pain, patients usually start to feel positive effects within a few days.

“I love that we can offer this therapy that can so markedly help our patients with chronic migraines.” – Dr. Edrick Lopez

Contact us today to see if you might be a good candidate for Botox.

Congratulations to Abraham Rivera, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Physician Partners of America, for appearing in the June/July issue of Pain-Free Living magazine. His article is “Diagnosis: Migraine: How to recognize the differences between tension headaches and even more serious migraines.”

Download article here or pick up on newsstands now!

Pain Free Living June-July 2017 Article by Dr Rivera

Migraine vs. Headache: What’s Causing Your Pain?

From pounding forehead pain and sinus inflammation to light sensitivity and nausea, a headache can put a halt to any day. Or…is it a migraine? Sometimes it’s not so easy to distinguish exactly what type of chronic headaches you are suffering from. Being able to identify a migraine headache from one of the other various types of headaches that exist can help you find the chronic pain relief that you need.

A Closer Look at the Different Types of Headaches

Painful Pressure of the Head: The Tension Headache

Causes: Stress, squinting, poor posture, clenching or grinding of the teeth, dehydration, and starvation

Symptoms: Forehead and upper neck pressure, feeling similar to having a band wrapped tightly around the head

Timeframe: Pain typically lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days, with its severity ranging throughout that span of time

Cyclical Pain in One Area: The Cluster Headache

Causes: The causes of cluster headaches are unknown, but medication may trigger attacks

Symptoms: Severe pain behind one eye or on one side of the head, occurring at specific times of the day or of the year

Timeframe: Pain is often experienced in “clusters,” felt in and out throughout the span of a few days

Stuffiness, Runny Nose, and Pounding Pain: Sinus Headaches

Causes: Sinus headaches are caused by inflammation or infection of the sinuses, often a result of a cold or virus

Symptoms: Pain in the cheekbones, forehead, or nose, usually accompanied by a runny nose, congestion, or fever

Timeframe: A sinus headache generally lasts for as long as the sinuses are inflamed

Pain After Medication: The Rebound Headaches

Causes: Sensitivity to or overdose of a medication or painkiller

Symptoms: Pain typically feels similar to a tension headache, occurring a few hours after taking medication

Timeframe: Generally, pain is felt for as long as you take the medication that is causing them, and may continue for a few days after the medication is stopped

Reoccurring Throbbing, Sensitivity, and Nausea: Migraine

Causes: What causes migraine headaches remains unknown, although they are often associated with heredity or a sensitivity to light or smell

Symptoms: Throbbing pain in the head, sensitivity to light, nausea, blurred vision, and light-headedness

Timeframe: Migraine headaches can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, many experiencing them at very specific times of day

There is no denying that any one of the above headaches can be undeniably painful, destroying your ability to enjoy any day. Fortunately, there are pain treatments available for each! Our skilled headache and migraine specialists in Dallas can help you identify what is causing your pain and offer alternative pain management solutions that will offer relief.

Discover what kind of a headache you may be suffering from and successfully manage its associated pain by scheduling an appointment with our headache and migraine specialists throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area! You may also contact us online or call us to find the pain management clinic nearest you.