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Jerry: Those of you who suffer from pain know that it can be extraordinarily debilitating, but imagine if you’re able to beat that through a minimally invasive procedure and still remain active. Dr. Rudy Gari from Florida Pain Relief Group joins us now to tell us how. Okay, this is gonna be music to so many people’s ears who are out there. And by the way, including mine, because I suffer from terrible arthritic pain in both my knee and my foot. And we’re not gonna make this all about me, we want it to be all about what this almost miracle treatment is that you’re offering. How are you, first of all?

Dr. Rudy Gari: Doing great, Jerry.

Jerry: How about that lead in, huh? That was quite a build-up.

Dr. Gari: That was great, Thank you very much.

Jerry: Of course. Let’s talk about what you do. I mean, we’re talking about regenerative medicine. Tell us exactly what that is.

Dr. Gari: Well, Jerry, regenerative medicine is actually one of the most exciting fields in medicine today. And so people talk about minimally invasive procedures. Pain management physicians, like myself, anesthesiologists, have been doing minimally invasive procedures before those words became common. And what that is, essentially is, what can we do short of surgery? In fact, 99% of what we do there is actually no cutting of the skin. It’s just an injection.

Jerry: Okay, injection of?

Dr. Gari: Injection of something that is gonna help you, and that kind of leads into regenerative medicine. So regenerative medicine is actually using your own body’s stem cells to regenerate your own tissues. So we’ve seen lots of stuff, for example, we can regenerate organs or we can also regenerate a lot of our own tissues. And some people hear stem cells, we still have stem cells. We just don’t have the same amount of stem cells that we had when we were babies. So as we get older, we have less stem cells. So regenerative medicine is, for example, through some things called allographs. And they are actually amniotic membrane that has been reconstituted, and it has these factors called stem cell retruding factors. What that does is we apply that with a needle, with an injection, into your joint, your back, or wherever it might be. It actually tells your body, “Hey, I need to have this fixed.”

Jerry: That’s great. So we’re talking about how many injections before you start feeling much better?

Dr. Gari: Well, it actually takes a while because remember your body is going to have to heal. So it’s anywhere from two to three different injections.

Jerry: Over a period of time?

Dr. Gari: Over a period of time, because this is not like anything foreign implanted. This is your body regenerating itself.

Jerry: What are we talking about in terms of down time?

Dr. Gari: There’s not a whole lot of down time. There might be like a little burning, something like that, because there’s a little inflammatory process that takes place while your body’s trying to heal. But in fact, one of the people that work with us actually had regenerative medicine in his knee and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a week later.

Jerry: A week later? Sign me up for this stuff. Okay, any pain at the site of the injection when it happens?

Dr. Gari: There’s a little burning, a little uncomfortable, for like a day or two, but that goes away. It’s an inflammatory process because your body is busy trying to heal itself.

Jerry: Okay. So why isn’t everybody doing this, and should they be?

Dr. Gari: Well, a lot of people are doing this. It’s a new science, we’re very excited at Florida Pain Relief Group because we have experts in that field, and it’s becoming more and more and more. This is the wave of the future.

Jerry: Excellent. Dr. Rudy Gari, thank you so much. Florida Pain Relief Group even schedules same day appointments. Be sure to visit their website, or call 844-KICK-PAIN. That’s easy enough. Thanks so much, doctor.

Dr. Gari: Jerry, it’s my pleasure.

Jerry: Nice to see you. We’ll be back with more Daytime right after this.

In this week’s edition of the Pain Free Minute, Tampa pain specialist Dr. Rodolfo Gari talks about the benefits of regenerative medicine for treating chronic pain in Tampa.

In the video, Dr. Gari talks about regenerative medicine treatment in Tampa. It is one of the most exciting new ways that doctors can treat chronic pain.

At Florida Pain Relief Group our goal is to treat people using the most minimally invasive procedures available. These procedures include injection of your own body’s stem cells to regenerate tissue.

Watch the Pain-Free Minute to learn more about regenerative medicine treatments available at our Tampa pain relief centers.

With rising temperatures and more hours of sunlight, it is no wonder why we see a big increase in injuries every spring. Whether you’re a star athlete on a college baseball team, a freshman trying out for high school track and field, or simply enjoy the daily round of golf at your local course, sports injuries can result in serious damage if left untreated. That’s where regenerative medicine comes in, offering an alternative form of pain relief from some of the most common sports injuries.

Game Changing Pain Management for Sports Injuries

Common sports injuries, such as a torn ligament or joint pain, can leave the body unable to repair itself adequately, which can lead to ongoing pain and disability. Regenerative techniques involve boosting the body’s natural ability to heal itself or to deliver targeted cells and cell products to support tissue and organ function. Three forms of treatment for runner’s knee, tennis elbow, and other sports injuries that we offer at Physician Partners of America are:

  • Stem Cell Therapy – Stem Cell Therapy involved the harvesting, concentration, and purification of Stem Cells for injection into areas where you suffer chronic pain. They tend to have a powerful healing and rejuvenating effect!
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Platelets are a natural reserve of growth factors that facilitate blood flow and strengthen cartilage. In this therapy, platelets are separated from a sample of the patient’s blood using a centrifuge and then injected into the site of injury, often yielding excellent results.
  • Allograft/Adhesive Barrier – We use highly advanced surgical techniques to graft donor tissue and minimize any scarring with the most advanced adhesive barriers.

No matter which treatment we recommend, our pain management physicians will walk you through each step, from the initial stages of consultation right through post-procedure recovery. Although much of our work depends on resolving injuries that are a direct result of playing sports, we never discourage our clients from taking part in healthy physical activity! We work with clients to help them modify their behavior so as to minimize the risk of any injury in the future.

Whether you’ve sustained an ankle sprain or a torn Achilles Heel, our pain management doctors are ready to assist! Give us a call to schedule an appointment at the pain management clinic nearest you.