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Did you know there are foods you can eat to help relieve joint pain?


Joint pain can affect all parts of the body including the neck and back areas. Conditions such as spinal arthritis, facet joint disease, and joint inflammation all stem from the joints. While these conditions can be very painful, there are ways to maintain them, including eating specific foods. The following foods contribute to the maintenance of anti-inflammatory agents that are needed within your body to keep you healthy.

These are the best foods to help relieve your joint pain:


  1. The Mediterranean Diet-

This diet has been proven to provide various health benefits due to the high levels of vegetables, legumes, unsaturated fats including olive oil, and wild fish. It also includes a low level of dairy products and red meat. This diet is good for digestion and anti-inflammatory substances.


  1. Spices and Herbs-

Specific spices and herbs knows for their anti-inflammatory agents. These include turmeric and ginger. Turmeric and ginger are used in various ways such as in smoothies and sauces.


  1. Green Tea

It is no secret that green tea is a pleasurable drink that also provides many health benefits. Tea has been known to reduce inflammation. One of the compounds within green tea called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) contains powerful medicinal properties that can treat various diseases.


While eating these foods can improve the maintenance of joint pain relief, these foods are not a cure. It is suggested that if you have chronic pain, you see a specialist about your condition. Here at Physician Partners of America, we have specialist that can help with your chronic joint pain. We offer same day appointments to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Joint pain, also called arthralgia, can be a debilitating, frustrating condition. It can develop in any joint in the body, though the knees, hips, and shoulders are the most at risk because of a large amount of stress they handle on a daily basis. Degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis and sports injuries are some of the most common causes of joint pain. Other causes include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Bursitis
  • Gout
  • Lupus

For some people, joint pain goes away on its own over the course of several weeks. Treatments such as over-the-counter medication, stretching, and physical therapy are usually successful at mitigating joint stiffness and pain. However, other people experience chronic joint pain that persists for months or years. They may experience joints that are swollen, tender, stiff, or weak. Many people with chronic osteoarthritis also suffer from reduced range of motion in the joint. For these individuals, joint pain injections may be the right treatment choice.

How  Injections for Joint Pain Work

Joint pain injections offer a more targeted approach to pain that does not respond to more conservative treatments. However, many people with joint pain may not be ready for major surgery such as joint replacement. Most injections can be performed right in your doctor’s office and you can go home after the procedure.

  1. The doctor will use a needle to inject the joint with medication. To ensure accuracy, X-ray guidance is used to get the needle to the precise location of joint pain.
  2. A local anesthetic such as lidocaine is injected, along with a slow-release steroid (usually cortisone).
  3. The local anesthetic will numb the pain for several hours, but the steroid will take three to five days to take effect.
  4. Once the steroid reduces inflammation, pain relief may last for several weeks or months.

Find Injections for Joint Pain in Texas and Florida

“Joint pain” is an extremely broad term, and the condition affects everyone differently. At Physician Partners of America, we believe in listening to what you have to say about your pain and the treatments you’ve tried in the past so that we can thoroughly understand your condition and provide you with a customized treatment plan. No two people are alike, so why should pain relief plans be alike? We offer a range of pain relief therapies for osteoarthritis and sports injuries including injections for joint pain.

Joint Pain Treatment in Florida

Experiencing pain from bending or moving is something that many people accept as an inevitable result of getting older, or something to be expected as a result of injury.

But joint pain is not something that you have to live with forever.

In a recent appearance on DayTime, Florida pain specialist Dr. Rodolfo Gari of Florida Pain Relief Group discussed the treatment options available for patients who experience joint pain regularly at Florida pain relief center locations in Boynton Beach, Rockledge, New Port Richey,   Tampa (Habana), Tampa ( Fletcher), Tampa (Westchase), Melbourne, Winter Haven and Orlando.

Watch the clip here: