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Hemicrania continua headaches are a headache that causes constant pain on one side of your head or your face. It is a rare condition, but for people who suffer from it, the constant pain can be really debilitating.

Though the exact cause of hemicrania continua headaches is not known, there are treatment options available. Luckily, with treatment, the pain and discomfort of hemicrania continua headaches can often be relieved.

Symptoms of Hemicrania Continua Headaches

If you have a headache that causes uninterrupted pain on one side, you may have hemicrania continua headaches. Hemicrania continua headaches have specific symptoms that may include:

  • A constant dull pain of one side of your head
  • The dull pain changes to a sharp, jolting or stabbing pain several times a day
  • Teary, red or irritated eyes
  • Runny nose or stuffy nose
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Sweaty forehead

Other possible symptoms of these headaches are similar to the symptoms that people experience with migraines, such feeling sensitive to light or sound. You may get nauseous or vomit due to the headaches.

For some people, the symptoms may occur as they rotate or put pressure on their necks. There are also factors that may make your hemicrania continua headache symptoms increase, such as:

  • Feeling stress or fatigue
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Bright light
  • Sleep changes
  • Overexerting yourself during exercise

Women tend to experience hemicrania continua headaches more often than men. Usually, the symptoms begin in adulthood, though they could begin in childhood as well.

Living with Hemicrania Continua Headaches

Being in constant pain can be a real burden. When experiencing relentless pain, you may have a hard time doing everyday activities like going to work or taking care of your family. Activities such as driving or using a computer can be difficult if you are experiencing sensitivity to light that makes your headache feel worse.

Since the headaches tend to get sharp and more intense multiple times a day, the pain can be a real intrusion on your day. Treatment can help you feel better and get back to your daily routine without the constant discomfort of these headaches.

How to Treat Hemicrania Continua Headaches

If you have experienced a headache that causes you constant pain for several months, head to a doctor to see if you may have hemicrania continua. Keep in mind that the pain of hemicrania continua headaches stays on one side of your head without switching.

If you are diagnosed with hemicrania continua headaches, treatment can help relieve your symptoms so you can find relief.  Indomethacin is a treatment option that can offer quick relief from the headache pain. This medication can sometimes cause stomach discomfort, so talk to your doctor to see if you may need additional medicine to help with any stomach issues.

There are other medications that may help with hemicrania continua headaches, like celecoxib or even antidepressant medications.
If your headaches do not improve after taking indomethacin, your doctor may do an MRI to see if your headaches are caused by another condition.

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery (“MIS” to those in the know – which now includes you!) often refers to three main aspects: small incisions, fewer stitches, and less downtime. However, things can be even less intrusive when talking about minimally invasive pain management where the doctor simply uses a small needle to inject relief medication. In this article, we will highlight a few minimally invasive non-surgical techniques and show why “minimally invasive” is extremely beneficial to your recovery and overall health.

Minimally Invasive Pain Management

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “minimally invasive pain management” you soon will be because here at Florida Pain Relief Group we are perfecting the art of pain relief with our advanced techniques and procedures. Gone are the days when back pain, neck pain, knee pain, ANY kind of pain relief procedures force you to be cooped up for weeks while you recover. Our techniques are out-patient procedures and often let you get on living a pain-free life the very same day!

“Minimally Invasive Begins Here!”

Our founder, Dr. Rodolfo Gari, says it best: “We are experts in pain.” That other quote above is also one of Dr. Gari’s that goes right to the heart of what Physician Partners of America is all about: minimally invasive procedures, maximum pain relief. We understand your pain is no picnic and having to worry about additional pain from surgery doesn’t make sense to you – nor does it to us. You want relief from the pain, not to have it compounded. We understand that and it is the reason why we’re the Texas and Florida leaders in minimally invasive procedures.

Below are 3 minimally invasive pain management options to consider:

  1. Trigger Point Injections. These injections temporarily numb the pain and relax the muscle, allowing for increased stretching to promote and increase blood flow.
  2. Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections. Epidural steroid infusions can be used to treat pain experienced in the lower back, neck, and mid-spine area.
  3. Facet Joint Injections. A facet injection can temporarily relieve neck or back pain caused by facet joints that have become inflamed.

The pain relief procedures above are simply a selection of the various treatments and therapies we offer at Physician Partners of America. We invite you to browse the rest of this website and see the full gamut of pain relief therapies we offer, as well as read about our company and mission.

If you are in pain today and don’t want extensive and intrusive surgery, and our minimally invasive options appeal to you and your desire to be pain-free, please contact us to set up a same-day appointment.