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The sacroiliac (SI Joint) can be found in the pelvis, right between the ilium and sacrum. It is also the lowest part of the spine and sits right above the tailbone. This joint is very important because it transfers energy from the upper part of the body to the lower part and is an essential component for shock absorption during activities such as walking.

About 25% of patients lower back pain stems from the SI joint. This is because although activity is good for you, it can also lead to more pressure and strain on these specific joints.


“If it can be established that pain is originating from the sacroiliac joint, there are new, minimally invasive treatment options that can be employed on an outpatient basis to provide lasting pain relief,” says Keith Girton, M.D. with Physician Partners of America’s Melbourne, Florida location.


The SI joint fusion and iFuse Implant System Is intended for use during a minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion. The actual procedure itself is performed in an operating room, with either general or spinal anesthesia. The iFuse Implant System requires a small incision (about one to two inches long), along the side of the buttock. The whole MIS SI joint procedure takes about an hour, and recovery time is significantly less than open surgery.



This procedure can be beneficial to someone who has chronic pain and discomfort within the SI joints and has not been successful with more conservative treatments such as physical therapy and injections. The SI joint fusion provides stability to the SI joint. With our minimally invasive technique, triangular shaped implants will be inserted to provide maximum protection to surrounding tissues.


Benefits of SI Joint fusions include:

  • Minimal down time
  • Small incisions
  • No hospital stay
  • Regain quality of life


We have quality doctors certified in the iFuse Implant System. If you think this might be a procedure that fits your needs, please contact us to find out if you’re a candidate.