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Angela Leone: Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Analyst, Tampa, FL

Our employees are all patient care champions, but some go the extra mile and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. They embody the PPOA chain of values known as S.I.T.E. – Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Empathy which ensures a focus to our patients and community through high quality health care.

PPOA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Analyst, Angela Leone’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. Angie goes above and beyond to make sure everything is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis not only for employees but patients as well and she does it all with positive attitude.

Angie has spent her entire life in the Tampa Bay area. She was born in St. Petersburg and eventually made her way to Tampa. Angie received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of South Florida. In her free time she enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and volunteering for the Metropolitan Ministries and Feeding Tampa Bay during the holidays.

After college Angie began her career in the healthcare industry helping people with addictions and mental health for over 7 years. She then transitioned her career into information technology. After about 5 years in IT she had the opportunity to combine both her knowledge in healthcare and IT here at PPOA.

Angie joined the PPOA family in 2016. Currently she works at PPOA’s headquarters located in Tampa, FL as an EHR System Analyst. Angie provides application support for the various EHR and billing applications that we use for medical services.

Angie may not be working on the front lines in the clinics but she is an important asset behind the scenes making sure the system that holds our patients heath records is working properly for our clinics to run smoothly.

Angie is a crucial asset to the PPOA team, “Angie Leone is such a pleasure to work with and a true team player. She always responds quickly to IT requests, pays attention to details, and does so with a positive attitude! PPOA is blessed to have her as a teammate,” says Daniel Ucheoma, Regional Business Development Manager.

Angie has a passion for helping others, “When I do get the opportunity to help a patient, I love to see their quality of life restored. Nothing is better than helping a patient find the answer they are looking for,” Angie says.

PPOA applauds Angie for her hard work and thanks her for all that she does. She is truly a Patient Care Champion.