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Get relief from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Tampa

The pain that is associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, can be debilitating and have a significant impact on an individuals quality of life.

Throughout her career, Tampa pain specialist Dr. Carissa Stone has treated patients whose pain levels were preventing them from being able to live their lives to the fullest.

But what causes CRPS?

“CRPS develops for unknown reasons and is a syndrome of findings with no other explainable cause,” said Dr. Stone.

Symptoms of CRPS can include temperature changes to a limb, pain when touching skin, pain or weakness in extremities with no motor damage,  and color changes to extremities with no vascular problems

“Usually doctors rule most other conditions out first because there used to be no treatment for CRPS,” Dr. Stone said.

CRPS is more common in women and the incidence of CRPS highest in women between the ages of 60-70, but all age groups can get it and there is no specific known cause at this time.

There are various options available for treating CRPS at our Tampa pain relief centers.

“Treatment options include the use of topical creams; neuropathic medications; sympathetic blocks and bier block injections; aggressive physical therapy to avoid disuse atrophy; desensitization treatment; and ketamine infusion therapy, Dr. Stone said.

In addition to these treatment options, Dr. Stone is also on the cutting edge of treatment options. She is currently involved in a new study into the effectiveness of the use if Intravenous Neridronic Acid for treating CRPS.

Dr. Sabatino Bianco of Bianco Brain and Spine in Arlington stopped by the Pain Free Radio studios to talk about sports and brain injuries.

In recent years more has become understood about the long-term effects of repeated concussions and a conversation has started about how best to minimize that risk.

In this first segment, Dr. Bianco discusses injuries that happen to the brain and how to brain responds to trauma.

The next segment took on the issue of declining sports participation due to fear of injury. Dr. Bianco argues that the benefits outweigh the risks for a child interested in playing sports.

In the final segment, Dr. Bianco discusses the public’s perception of sports injuries, especially brain injuries. He believes the way it is being framed by the public and in the media is inaccurate and overstates the issues at hand.