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Tampa COVID-19 Testing Gives PCR Results in as little as 24 Hours

Physician Partners of America drive-through and at-home Covid testing came along at just the right moment to assist thousands of people with timely results, and still does. Whether one wants concierge service or to drive up and go, PPOA offer excellent options for rapid test results.

“Since our drive-through site opened, about 5,000 people have taken advantage of the service,” said Rekha Rajan-Wilson, PPOA Vice President of Compliance and Risk. “PPOA is honored to be able to serve our community with this added service.”

“Since its introduction, over 750 people have also taken advantage of the VIP option,” said Rajan-Wilson. “We knew that many people would appreciate the VIP service and they still do. The benefits of at-home test isn’t just added convenience but also as an extra step of care if you already have symptoms and wish to isolate.”

The VIP service has been an ideal choice for people who live within 20 miles of the office to get an at-home or office-based test, where a PPOA employee comes to them. “They’re asking us to come into their home, test the families, getting them results within 24 hours. They’re in the comfort of their own home, so I think they feel a little bit more at ease that way,” Rajan-Wilson said.

PPOA offers two different types of tests – diagnostic and antibody tests. PPOA’s PCR testing is 24 hour turnaround and sometimes even the same day.

With the diagnostic test, a person may know if they have an active coronavirus infection and should take steps to quarantine or isolate themself from others.

The antibody test looks for antibodies that are made by a person’s immune system in response to a threat, such as a specific virus and may stay in the blood for several weeks or more after recovery. Because of this, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose an active coronavirus infection.

“We intend to keep our Tampa site open as long as there’s a community need,” said Rajan-Wilson.

Testing is open to anyone with or without symptoms. All insurances are accepted for the test that returns results in 72 hours. Both options offer the nasal swab and PCR testing which is 99.9% accurate.

The drive-thru site is located at 3450 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa 33613

Appointments are required. People must pre-register at ppoalabtest.com or by calling 855-630-SWAB(7922). A representative will call back with a time slot.

Jazmine Cherman: Compliance Audit Manager, Tampa, FL

Our employees are all patient care champions, but some go the extra mile and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. They embody the PPOA chain of values known as S.I.T.E. – Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Empathy which ensures a focus to our patients and community through high quality health care.

Jazmine Cherman has gone that extra mile and deserves to be recognized. She has especially stepped up in this time of uncertainty while we all face the impacts of COVID-19. Jaz wears many hats here at PPOA, pitching in and helping any department when needed and always with a smile.

Jaz was born and raised in Far Rockaway, NY. Far Rockaway is a neighborhood on the eastern part of the Rockaway peninsula in the New York City borough of Queens. She later swapped her northeast beaches for the Gulf Coast and Tampa Bay when she moved to Tampa, FL in 2014.

Jaz is happily married to her husband Jason. They have three children, Jordan, Jonathan and Janiyah. They really have a thing for names that start with the letter “J”.

Jaz has worked in the healthcare industry ever since she was old enough to get a job. She joined the PPOA family in July 2014 shortly after moving to Tampa. She is a Compliance Audit Manager located at our Tampa, FL headquarters.

Currently, Jaz has been focusing on operations for our COVID-19 testing sites. She makes sure our patients and employees remain safe and have a good experience. Jaz also assists with coding, billing and auditing.

Jaz is a major asset to the PPOA family, “She is the definition of what lead by example means and is always willing to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. We appreciate everything she does and her dedication to the success of this company,” Rekha Rajan-Wilson, Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management says.

Jaz’s passion for healthcare started when her grandfather passed away and having seen all of the wonderful people who helped her family while he was in hospice. She always wanted to be able to help people in some capacity the way her family was helped during that time.

“First impressions can make or break any situation. Patients just want their voices to be heard and to get the help they need. Being able to listen and help them provides me with the greatest satisfaction,” Jaz says.

PPOA applauds Jaz for all of her hard work and dedication. She is truly a Patient Care Champion.

During this unsettling time where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a major global issue, fear and uncertainty can take over. For people who are already suffering from chronic pain, contracting the virus, or even seasonal allergies, can be the cause of more pain.

Many of PPOA’s patients have chronic pain in relation to their back and neck. Due to this, if the patient has a sore throat, excessive coughing- which is a symptom of the Coronavirus, may worsen their pain. This is because of the strain the coughing is putting on the back, making it contract more than usual. Although the virus has to run its course, reduction of the cough will help the patient find some relief. Along with a cough, the Coronavirus can bring its own aches and discomforts, adding to the patient’s already chronic pain.

For those who haven’t suffered from chronic back pain until contracting the virus, there is a possibility the amount of coughing has put strain on the patients back. Excessive coughing can cause conditions such as:

To help prevent these conditions or to not cause a flare up in previous conditions or chronic pain, follow these steps when coughing.

  • Keep a natural form in your back instead of hunching forward when coughing.
  • Keep shoulders down and away from your ears.
  • If available, put your hands down on a surface when you cough to help to prevent the back from compressing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus, please call your primary care doctor. If you are experiencing chronic pain, we can help you find relief. Contact us today.