Pre-Operation Instructions For All Types Of Procedures Or Surgeries


Do not eat or drink anything after midnight, if you take morning medications take them with a sip of water, no more than what you need to swallow them.


Bring your insurance card, picture ID, if you have a co pay please bring also.


You will need to bring an adult driver, 18 years or older to take you home, you also need someone to stay with you for 24 hours post procedure.


If you are taking any blood thinners you will need to contact the physician that prescribed them for the ok to stop them (how long to stop and when to re start), each medication is different.


Take a shower with antibacterial soap the morning of your procedure, do not apply lotions or perfumes.


Leave all your valuables and jewelry at home.


Dress comfortable, wear loose fitted clothing.


You will be receiving a call from one of our nurses to complete your recent medical history.

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