PPOA Patient Care Champion – Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander, PPOA Patient Care Champion

Monique Alexander has a passion for insurance, which is why she has stuck with it her whole career life.

Moving back home to New Jersey from Virginia right out of high school and ready to begin a career, Alexander took a chance and applied for some health care collection agencies.

“Without too much knowledge on the subject, someone took a chance on me and it all began there,” she says.

After working with her former company in New Jersey, she then relocated with the company, which is what brought her to Tampa, Fla. After a while, she decided to make a change and eventually found a position at Physician Partners of America.

Here at PPOA, Monique was recently promoted to ambulatory surgery center revenue cycle manager. In simple terms, she is responsible for and oversees teams for collections, coding, and cash postings. She believes in teamwork and communication, which is what ultimately helps her connect with people so well.

She excels at multi-tasking and meeting every challenge that arises. For her, connecting with people is one of the most important aspects of being a great leader.

Alexander’s niche in health care insurance is not a random choice. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and while it was very difficult on Alexander, she knows she could definitely help with one aspect of it: insurance. She helped her mom get good medical insurance (which is not an easy task) while going through this hard time. Her mother eventually passed away but Alexander was glad she could do that for her mom and provide help in an almost helpless situation.

Alexander loves the PPOA atmosphere because it feels like home to her. “These people are like my family and we all support each other.”

While work is one of her passions, Alexander is also devoted to her 12-year-old daughter.

“She’s my world. Besides work, it’s her,” she says.”

For fun, Monique Alexander and her daughter go swimming and watch movies. They also hope to take some vacations soon.

We thank her for being such a great example of what a PPOA employee should be!