PPOA Patient Care Champion- Lori Burbridge


Lori Burbridge: Patient Experience Specialist, Tampa, FL-

Our employees are all patient care champions, but some go the extra mile and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. They embody the PPOA values known as S.I.T.E. – Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Empathy – which informs our service to patients and the community through high quality health care.

A Patient Care Champion doesn’t have to necessarily be on the front-lines, they can be that comforting voice on the phone. Patient Experience Specialist Lori Burbridge goes above and beyond to make a patient feel comfortable about an upcoming procedure. As a patient experience specialist, she takes on the role of being a liaison between the clinics and the Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC). Lori truly embodies the values of a Patient Care Champion.

Lori was born in Saint Petersburg, FL. She spent about four years of her childhood in America Samoa, a US Territory Island in the South Pacific. Her family eventually made their way back to Florida where she attended Bloomingdale High School in Valrico. Now Lori is currently living in Tampa, FL with her family. She is blessed to have two smart, beautiful boys, Romeo who is 16 and Logan who just turned 10. They also have a cat named Lola and puppy named Lucy.

The beginning of Lori’s career was spent in the mortgage industry as a Business Analyst and a Compliance Specialist. Before joining PPOA Lori was a Regional Manager for a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company. She managed forty plus drivers over a six county area in North Florida. This experience allows her to assist with the transportation challenges some of our patients experience when using medical transportation to get to our facilities.

In July 2019 Lori joined the PPOA family. She is a Patient Experience Specialist located at our Headquarters in Tampa, FL. Lori’s day-to-day responsibilities include Inbound/outbound calls with patients to discuss the authorization status and cost at time of service for procedures scheduled at our ASC’s, collaborating with the ASC’s, authorization teams, and clinics to ensure excellent customer satisfaction for our patients while overcoming any challenges that may keep the patients from the pain relieving procedures they need.

Lori truly values her role as a Patient Experience Specialist, “Lori is an extremely dedicated teammate who brings a fresh perspective to her job daily while maintaining the highest level of customer service. She is tremendous and brings a sense of honor and duty to her daily responsibilities, she really cares and it shows,” Michael Hardy Director, Patient Experience says.

Lori’s grandmother always wanted her to be a nurse and although she is not, being a Patient Experience Specialist has been the next best thing, “I love being able to provide a caring voice, listening ear, and help overcome any issues that could prevent our patients from improving their quality of life by reducing their pain,” Lori says.

PPOA applauds Lori for her hard work and thanks her for all that she does. She is truly a Patient Care Champion