Florida Pain Relief Group is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Mauricio Orbegozo to our growing practice.

Dr. Orbegozo has more than 20 years of experience as an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. He joins Florida Pain Relief Group from private practice in the greater Chicago area.

“I like the approach of pain management because it allows me to treat the pain suffering patient in all stages of the process and their condition,” Dr. Orbegozo said. “As a surgeon I was only going to be involved in surgery. As I was finishing my residency in anesthesia I was given the privilege and opportunity to go to one if the best training programs available. I have since been practicing pain management and interventional therapies for pain. During my career I have had the privilege of treating patients with all conditions in pain management.”

Following medical school, Dr. Orbegozo pursued a residency program in general surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital in Ohio; a residency program in anesthsiology at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois; and a fellowship in pain management at Texas Tech University Medical Center in Texas.

“My approach to patient care is that of maximizing all therapies we have available for the patient in order to provide the best result,” Dr. Orbegozo said. “I believe the pain management specialist is the gatekeeper for patients in the sense that if they need referrals to other specialties, we can send the patient to the most appropriate physician to complement the care that we as pain Physicians have given. I believe in complete health as far as mental and physical health.”

Dr. Orbegozo prides himself on being able to connect on a personal level with each of his patients.

“I have always been proud of the fact that if a patient’s name comes up in a question I am able to recall who that patient is, the therapy the patient is undergoing and also who they are personally,” he said. “I believe that to treat pain you have to know as much of the patient as possible not only physically but mentally, socially and their life and family support they have around them.”

Joining Florida Pain Relief Group presented Dr. Orbegozo with the opportunity to relocate to be closer to family and to join a rapidly growing pain practice.

“I have decided to join Florida Pain Relief Group because ever since I met Dr Gari, saw his approach to pain management and saw his achievements in creating a model of pain management that has proven to be successful for a very long time,” Dr. Orbegozo said. “I knew this was the type of practice I wanted to join. We have family and friend ties to Florida and this was always in our plans as an area to continue our family life.”

Dr. Orbegozo will be seeing new patients starting May 16th at our Tampa pain relief center locations in East Tampa and Carrollwood.