New ASCs in Orlando and Boynton Beach Now Recruiting Partner Doctors


Want to Focus More on Patient Care?

Remember what initially attracted you to the practice of medicine? Maybe it was a fascination with the intricacy of the human body. Maybe it was a strong desire to care for your fellow man. Surely, it wasn’t the reality that you are experiencing now: how business and money drive medicine today. You likely spend more time learning about billing, insurance, and litigation than you do about advances in medicine or even the needs of your patients. This is not why you chose to practice medicine.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to work in an environment that made you feel the way you felt the day you graduated from med school? An environment where you are able to fully utilize the surgical skills you spent years perfecting? An environment where you are surrounded by like-minded physicians and supported by a trained staff using state-of-the-art equipment? This is not a pipe dream; this is the everyday environment for the doctors who partner with Physician Partners of America. We are one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the nation, and we have an opportunity for you.

Partner with a Healthcare Leader

Our company is currently constructing state-of-the-art medical pavilions in both Orlando and Merritt Island, Florida. These facilities are operated by physicians and designed for physicians.

With a 9,060-foot ambulatory surgery center, more than 4,600 square feet of medical offices, and a planned future expansion in excess of 11,000 square feet, our medical pavilions will offer you the space and comfort needed to provide unparalleled ambulatory surgical care for your patients.

Each of its surgical suites comes equipped with the latest equipment and tools on the market. Our in-house staff of nurses, surgical assistants, technicians, anesthesiologists and administrators are at your disposal while you are using our ASC.

When you choose to partner with PPOA, you are joining an organization that understands that you just want to practice medicine and let someone else worry about running the day-to-day. Our administrative staff will become your administrative staff. This includes caring for things like patient scheduling, dealing with insurance companies, billing and other administrative tasks.

By joining us, you become a true partner in a world-class, multi-disciplinary organization that puts physicians and patients first. We know that you, like us, did not get into medicine for the money. Still, you deserve to be paid promptly and fairly for the medical services you provide. Our talented business partners have created a level playing field that ensures you thrive financially while experiencing increased efficiency. As a partner, you will benefit from practice-owned ancillary profits in compliance with the Group Practice Stark Law exemption.

You and your patients will have access to most, if not all, ancillary services under one roof using one EMR system. If your patient visits another physician in our network, regardless of the specialty, you will have access to their medical records, making the process of providing comprehensive care seamless.

At Physician Partners of America, we are committed to providing the communities we serve with the best medical care available. To do this, we strongly believe in allowing physicians to focus on their medical training and on treating patients, and less on the daily challenges presented by the business side of medicine.

Our Medical Pavilions, located in Orlando and Merritt Island, are being designed as centers of ambulatory surgical excellence. We are looking for physicians, like yourself, who want to “take back medicine” to partner with us and provide Florida residents the medical care they deserve.

If you love what you do, we believe you should do what you love, and leave the rest to us.