A Powerful Pain-fighting Partnership

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Powerful pain fighting partnership

Physician Partners of America constantly strives to stay on the cutting edge of surgical techniques for pain management. One of the most modern and effective tools is neuro-modulation, which involves implanting a small device near one’s spinal cord that alters nerve activity through targeted stimulus delivery, such as electrical stimulation or chemical agents, to specific neurological sites in the body. Because the incision is small, recovery is swift, and the device starts working immediately to address the patient’s chronic pain.

One of the most common sources of chronic pain is Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN), which affects up to half of those who have diabetes. Taking the form of numbness, tingling, and pain, most frequently in the extremities, PDN is a severe problem for millions of Americans. To better serve them, PPOA is proud to announce a partnership with Nevro, a medical device company headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Nevro’s HFX device is the only spinal cord stimulation system approved by the FDA with a specific indication for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy. That unique indication results from years of investments in clinical trials culminating with the largest-ever randomized control trial evaluating spinal cord stimulation for PDN. The device demonstrated exceptional outcomes across responder rates, pain relief, and a sensory response in that trial.

PPOA will offer the HFX device at every pain management location, providing a proven alternative for those patients for whom medication has not been effective. Via a process called “direct neural inhibition,” the device reduces the hyperactivity of wide dynamic range neurons implicated in chronic pain and can be tailored to each patient without uncomfortable side effects – 88% of patients prefer the 10 kHz therapy HFX provides.

The partnership with Nevro will allow PPOA to further its mission of providing long-lasting relief to those with chronic pain. To learn more about the HFX device and if it can help you with PDN, please connect with us on social media or call your local PPOA center.



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