At Physician Partners of America, safety is one of our core values. As a company, we ask each and every one of our employees to promote safety for their co-workers, themselves, and the patients we serve.

For our patients, we recognize that safety extends beyond the realm of healthcare practices and encompasses related areas such as privacy and medical records. We hope this page will help you better understand the rights you have as a patient so that you can see how our company is committed to protecting you.

Please review our Notice of Privacy Practices for information on the following:

  • How does PPOA use my protected health information?
  • What rights do I have in controlling how my health information is used?
  • What type of information is in my protected health information records?
  • What responsibilities does PPOA have in protecting my health information?
  • How do I report problems or ask questions about my privacy and records?

All of our patients have access to our Notice of Privacy Practices. Additionally, we provide information in all of our new patient packets outlining relevant information on financial responsibility, assignment of benefits, and ownership disclosure to ensure our patients are fully aware of our practices. We respect the rights of our patients and make an effort to promote the transparency and communication that is necessary for safe and compassionate healthcare. PPOA is committed to providing a different patient experience. Can you imagine if on your first date you got a written explanation of what was expected of you and what you could expect from your potential significant other if you were to start a relationship? What a different experience dating would be! So many broken hearts spared and time saved… Lucky for you, this isn’t the dating game. We want your role as a patient to be clearly defined and for you to understand the doctor-patient expectations from the get go. We are up front about who we are, what we do, and how we practice medicine. Because here at PPOA, our patients come first and that means making a first impression that is honest about the world-class healthcare we provide

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