A New Way to Heal

Regenerative medicine is a state-of-the-art, cutting edge therapy that is just starting to take hold in popularity. It’s a broad definition that encompasses the combination of science and medicine to enable your body to repair, replace and regenerate damaged or diseased cells, tissues and organs.


This is clearly new medicine at its best because regenerative medicine includes therapies that are designed to help your own body heal itself. For example, your skin and bone tissue are always creating new versions of themselves, so they are always regenerating.

Part of this new frontier of medicine includes the ability of scientists to grow tissues and organs in the laboratory and safely implant them for better healing.

This could improve your quality of life exponentially and it also will help offset rising healthcare costs.

Ditch the Side Effects and Take Control of Your Medication

At Physician Partners of America, we want to develop therapies that improve your life. It is a decidedly patient-centered focus which will help us leverage advances in medicine, science and technology to give you the best possible life.

Our regenerative medicine therapies utilize ultrasound-guided procedures to help treat a variety of sports-related injuries as well as musculoskeletal conditions. We use regenerative medicine to treat injuries of the ankle, knee, elbow, and arthritis as well as other joints.

Some of the fields that are on the front lines of regenerative medicine include:

  • Nanotechnology

  • Pharmacology

  • Biomaterials

  • Cell biology

How it Works

We use components that your body creates on its own to help you heal even quicker. This allows us to use the most minimally invasive procedures possible – it’s natural!

One of the ways we accomplish this is by injecting your own stem cells, derived from subcutaneous fat, to help regenerate tissue in your body. These injections have been shown to increase blood flow to the affected region, which speeds healing for a better recovery.

These injections are done over time – sometimes as few as two or three visits – and are perfect for people who want to stay active.

Why Stem Cells?

Regenerative medicine centers on using your body’s own stem cells. This is particularly vital for those who want to relieve chronic pain. Stem cells are harvested, reprogrammed in the lab and delivered back to you to treat any disease you’re suffering from.

The body heals itself using your own specific cells.

The Future of Pain Relief

Regenerative Medicine Physician Partners of America

Part of the reason regenerative medicine is taking the world by storm is because it promotes natural healing with an anti-inflammatory procedure and very little invasiveness.

Chronic pain is often associated with physical injury, which limits your ability to get through your day easily and comfortably. When you have chronic pain, you’re always on the lookout for relief, and regenerative medicine can help give you that quickly.

The History of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medical procedures go back as far as 1962, when scientists began exploring the first synthetic skin substitute. So, while regenerative medicine is a therapy that’s trending upward in the 21st century, the theory has been around for over 50 years.

Regenerative medical procedures have been successful in painful injuries to muscles, cartilage, tendons and discs in the spine.

The goal of successful treatment is to get you back to the life you want to live with greater productivity and freedom from pain.

Our unique prescribing leads to better drug response with less reaction


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