School and Camp Physicals

Most states require kids and teens to have proof of an annual physical exam. Summer camp and after-school activities keep your kid engaged, healthy – and away from screens. Due to liability, most schools, camps and activities require proof of health and immunization. Get the clearance they need fast with our same-day appointments.

Physicals Made Easy

We can provide routine physical tests and the proof of immunization your child needs to go to the next grade. Sending your kid to summer camp? A physical exam is required for all children who are going away to camp or participating in school activities.

What’s Involved in a Physical Exam?

A primary care doctor, pediatrician or nurse will review the child’s medical history and perform a number of procedures to determine the health of a child, including these:

  • Updating immunizations if needed
  • Check height and weight
  • Take blood pressure
  • Listen to the heart and lungs
  • Feel the abdomen
  • Look in eyes, nose, throat and ears
  • Check eyesight
  • Test strength and flexibility
School and Camp Physicals - Things to bring with you

What to Bring to a School or Camp Physical?

Be sure to bring any forms given to you by the school, camp or activity. It’s helpful, especially with a new doctor, to bring any medications, a list of meds and dosages, or a photo of the bottles.

Does your child wear eyeglasses or contact lenses? Bring those too. School and camp physicals are a great time for parents to discuss any concerns or ask any questions they may have about their child, such as an old injury, allergies or new symptoms. Call today for an appointment that meets your family’s busy schedule.

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