Rapid Flu Test

When you’ve got the flu, you need relief fast. Rather than wait it out being miserable in bed, see your primary care doctor about a rapid flu test and any treatments that may help you get better faster.

Results in Half an Hour

A rapid influenza diagnostic test (RIDT) is designed to detect the virus’s antigens in your body. With a simple swab in the throat or nose, your primary care doctor can tell in 15 to 30 minutes whether you’re suffering from the flu – or something else. This will help your physician determine how your symptoms should be treated.

What Will the Test Find?

RIDT will look for the actual virus. Some tests can help the doctor determine whether it is a type A or type B influenza. The accuracy of the test depends on the maker, how the test works and the size and quality of the sample collected. Our primary care group uses the most advanced testing methods.

Rapid Flu Test With a sample of swab in the throat or nose - PPOA

When a doctor finds the flu virus early on, he or she can prescribe antiviral drugs, such as Tamiflu, that work best in the early stages of the illness.

If the diagnosis is made within the first 48 hours after symptoms begin the drugs can reduce these symptoms and shorten the duration of the flu by a day or so. After 48 hours the drugs are not effective. Of course, an experienced doctor can usually diagnose influenza by the symptoms alone. The rapid flu test will not only confirm the presence of this common cold-weather virus, it will enable the doctor to rule out any other cause for the symptoms. Our same-day appointments can get you in, diagnosed and out quickly.

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