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In 2014, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported that upwards of 68% of over-the-road truckers were obese. And, of that group, 17% were considered to be morbidly obese. When you consider that there are approximately 2.5 million trucks on the road and that just one heart attack, stroke, or other health emergencies can have catastrophic ramifications, it’s understandable that the Department of Transportation requires truck drivers to undergo periodic physicals.

We are proud to offer the services of an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who has been certified by the Department of Transportation to perform physicals in compliance with DOT requirements. Let us help you get into the driver seat with our certified health screenings close to your home.

Our certified screenings offer the benefit of:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Next-day appointments
  • Convenient locations
  • Meeting or exceeding the DOT requirements
  • Performed by a certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
DOT Driver Screenings at PPOA

Disqualifying Medications

Narcotics, amphetamines, and all other habit-forming drugs will disqualify a driver from qualifying. The prescribing doctor can provide written documentation stating that the driver can safely operate the vehicle.

However, the medical examiner has full discretion whether or not to certify the driver.

Anti-seizure medication that is used to prevent the driver from having seizures is disqualifying, as is methadone use. Driving a truck is a big responsibility. Lives are on the line. Deadlines, inclement weather, fluctuating regulations, and the stress of the job mean that you need to be at your best while on the road. Let us try to get you behind the wheel more quickly.

Contact us today to learn more about the certified health screenings we offer – close to home.

Physical Requirements That We Test For:


Having good vision is essential for truck drivers. For this reason, the DOT requires that all drivers have:

  • A minimum of 20/40 acuity in each eye (with or without corrective lenses)
  • A minimum of 70° peripheral vision in each eye
  • Ability to distinguish color

Corrective lenses will be noted in the Medical Examiner Certificate we provide.


Good hearing is essential to operate a large truck safely. Drivers are required to have hearing good enough to notice a forced whisper from 5 feet away.

General Health

The basic health requirements outlined by the DOT include the following:

  • Drivers cannot have diabetes that requires insulin to control it. Drivers who can control their diabetes through diet or oral medication may be permitted to drive.
  • Blood sugar should be under 200.
  • The use of Schedule 1 drugs, narcotics, or any habit-forming drug is prohibited.
  • Blood pressure should be less than 160/100. Drivers are permitted to use medication to control their blood pressure.

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