Children’s Health

There’s nothing more important than your children’s wellbeing, and our primary care specialists are here to help you keep your little ones healthy. Our family care practice offer you all facets of non-emergency care – usually on the same day you call.

What a Primary Care Doctor Can Do for Your Child

Our practice is a convenient place for checkups, minor scrapes that don’t require urgent care, and routine childhood screenings. We can also help you with:

Gene Drug Counseling & Tests for Children’s Health - PPOA

Gene Drug Counseling

Children’s bodies metabolize medications differently from one another and certainly from adults.

Your child might need half the routine dosage and you’d never know it. With a simple cheek swab, the practice of pharmacogenomics can tell how your individual child’s body will metabolize particular drugs – and which ones he or she should avoid.

Chronic Health Problems

Childhood asthma, diabetes and allergies can affect the whole family. We offer medication counseling, medical treatment management, and referrals to top specialists if needed. Our staff is as dedicated as you are to keeping your child well. Give us a call!

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