Orthoses Fabrication

An orthosis is an apparatus that supports, aligns, prevents, protects and corrects deformities of a part of the body and improves its function. There are usually two kinds of orthoses – pre-fabricated and custom fabricated.

What Is Orthoses Fabrication?

Pre-fabricated orthoses are the ones that are easily available in shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and athletic stores because of their mass production. In contrast, custom fabricated ones are designed for an individual and are prescribed by a medical professional to treat or prevent a specific condition.

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Why do you need custom fabricated orthoses?

It is important to appreciate the fact that all humans differ genetically, and these genetic differences manifest in slight physical differences that help to distinguish an individual from another. Just like no two fingerprints can be similar, no two patients will have the same requirements for orthoses more often than not.

Custom fabricated orthoses are specifically designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. In other words, they help in maintaining a specific angle between the bones which help in relaxing the muscles and associated structures.

Custom orthoses are personalized for a single person and are often made from a cast of that person’s foot. This addresses not only the specific problem, but also ensures precise treatment by doing away with generalization.

Types of custom fabricated orthoses

There are three types of orthoses:

Static – They have no moving parts. The chief purpose is to ensure rest, protection and immobilize the affected area. They may need to be remodeled quite a few times to increase mobility and decrease tightness.

Dynamic – They come with moving parts that permit stretching of the joint and a limited range of motion. It is extremely important to control and monitor the exercises and movements in order to hasten recovery without damaging the area.

Static Progressive – These primarily aim for improving motion of a stiff joint, by applying adjustable force to a tight joint.

Know when to get an orthosis

If you are experiencing pain in the foot joint or tired and fatigued limbs after regular activities, it might be time for you to sign up for orthoses. Visit your doctor immediately when you begin to experience hindrance in your daily chores, for early treatment is the best way to ensure rapid recovery.

Certain conditions like Achilles tendinitis, metatarsalalgia, plantar fasciitis, and arch and heel pain require orthoses. Consult our orthopedic specialists for custom fabricated orthoses.

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