Preoperative Evaluations

Every surgery should be a success and we believe that success starts with properly preparing patients. Our evaluations are intended to ensure patients have a clear understanding of the risks and responsibilities of their elective surgery. Making sure patients know what to expect before, during, and after surgery is critical for the best outcome possible.

There are three parts to surgery: Preoperative (before surgery), intraoperative (during surgery) and postoperative (after surgery). Preoperative evaluations are exactly what they sound like: Talking together about what your surgery will entail and what to expect afterward. The evaluation often covers how long a patient can expect to spend recovering, what kind of support they may need during recovery, what level of relief is reasonable to expect following surgery, and what are the related risks. This consultation will give you a recommendation for therapies that will help you decrease your risks after surgery.

While it is commonly misunderstood that an evaluation is intended to “clear” candidates for elective surgery, the purpose is actually to evaluate a patient’s “readiness” for surgery. A patient may not be ready for surgery if there are apparent risks that would jeopardize the success of the surgery and/or the patient. If this is the case, the risks are identified and a plan is discussed for how to prepare these higher risk patients for surgery. Safety is always a priority.

Preoperative Evaluation Physician Partners of America
During the evaluation, a checklist form is completed that covers all related topics to ensure each and every patient is prepared thoroughly. The checklists are sent to your surgical team along with relevant notes to provide consistency of care. As for insurance companies requiring evaluations for coverage approval, the proper documentation can be provided for them as well.

Take Your Life Back

We want you to take your life back and that’s why we offer individual counseling as well as preoperative evaluations so that, following surgery, if you are having pain that is difficult to handle we already have an individual plan set up that you can access easily.

It’s all about getting your life back and taking back the power which will help you manage your pain until it’s no longer an issue and you’re back to the life you love.

Comprehensive Care for All Facets of Your Life


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