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At the Minimally Invasive Spine Group in Hurst,Texas, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects back pain can have on a person’s quality of life. Unfortunately, some traditional spinal surgeries leave patients with restricted mobility, long recovery times, pain, and bruising.

Minimally invasive spine surgery is designed to effectively treat back disorders that cause pain and at the same time minimize blood loss, tissue trauma, muscle strain, and scarring. This means that the procedures we offer result in less postoperative pain, allowing you to recover quicker. Our minimally invasive procedures produce similar results to traditional back surgery but use smaller incision sites, causing less back trauma.

We Care About You

Minimally invasive spine surgery can be a great option for individuals battling with a herniated disc, sciatica, bone spurs, spinal instability, scoliosis, as well as other conditions that may cause cervical or lumbar pain. The goal of minimally invasive spine surgery offered at our Hurst, Texas clinic is to pinpoint the source of your pain, correct the pain, and get you back to living a quality life again.

The minimally invasive spine surgery treatments we offer take advantage of state-of-the-art techniques and modern surgical equipment. Many of our procedures are performed via incisions that are less than two inches long. Tubular retractors are used to move or dilate muscles and hold them in place while the procedure is performed. Microscopes are used to improve visualization of the area receiving treatment.

Minimally invasive spine surgery is safe and can be performed in an outpatient facility. This means that you have the procedure done and the same day you go home to recover. We are proud of the work that our award-winning doctors are doing in helping our patients find relief from their back pain.

If you have experienced a diminished quality of life because of spinal infections, bone spurs, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spinal fracture, degenerative disc disorder, or other spinal conditions, contact us today. Let us show you how minimally invasive spinal surgery could be the tool that helps you get back to living the quality of life you deserve.

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