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The Texas Health & Counseling Group in Richardson, Texas is dedicated to helping you find pain relief. We do this by providing you with a multidisciplined, multifaceted approach to pain relief. Your pain has both a physical and emotional impact, and the only way to truly address pain is to attack it from these two angles.

At our clinic, you be treated by board-certified physicians and psychologists who work hand-in-hand to address all aspects of your pain.

One of the biggest fears chronic pain sufferers have is that medical professionals will not believe that they have are dealing with serious pain. Unfortunately, many doctors either ignore their patient’s pain or simply believe that their patients are attempting to get prescription medication. What’s worse is that some doctors do not take the time to identify the source of their patient’s pain but instead prefer to mask it by giving their patient pain pills.

We Care about You

At our Texas Health & Counseling Group in Richardson, Texas, our focus is on interventional pain management. This is pain management that focuses on first identifying why you have your pain, and then uses alternative and traditional therapies with the goal of correcting the problem that is the source of your pain.

While we are not 100 percent against prescription pain medication, it is not at the heart of our therapies. Most of our patients are able to experience drastic pain reduction, if not complete pain relief, without needing to use prescription pain medication.

Some of the therapies that we employ include acupuncture, massage therapy, spinal cord stimulation, and much more. In addition to addressing the physical aspects of your pain, we focus on helping you deal with the emotional effects of living with chronic pain.

Are you ready to take steps toward a pain-free life? If so, call us today and schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments are always welcome. We warmly invite you to visit our clinic and see for yourself why so many people have trusted us with their pain management therapies.

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