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Helping McKinney, Texas Residents Battle the Physical and Emotional Effects of Pain

At the Texas Health and Counseling Group in McKinney, Texas, your pain management therapy is our number one priority. You know full well that chronic pain is not just a physical thing. It affects you mentally and emotionally.

The longer you suffer from chronic pain, the more intense the pain is, the deeper the emotional distress it causes. Your friends and family members, although they have the best intentions, cannot fully understand what you are going through. For this reason, they may react in ways that are hurtful when you talk about the pain you are dealing with.

At our McKinney, Texas clinic, our goal is to put your mind and heart at ease when it comes to pain. Our board-certified physicians and psychologists understand pain. And although it may seem like there is no end in sight for your pain, we want you to know that there are multiple ways to treat pain.

We Care About You

Our physicians pioneer interventional pain management. This is a pain management therapy that puts more emphasis on identifying the source of the pain and removing the source of the pain as opposed to simply masking the pain using pharmaceuticals.

The medical team at the Texas Health and Counseling Group understands that pain affects you differently than it will someone else. For this reason, we are committed to giving you individualized care specifically prepared to address your concerns. The only way that a pain management treatment is going to work for you is if it fits your lifestyle and your pain.

Our goal is to provide you with quality, personal, and timely care that exceeds your expectations. Let us show you the impact of psychological functioning as a way of helping you relieve your pain.

Call us today, and schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments are always available. Or visit us at our McKinney location. We look forward to helping you.

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