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Providing Hope and Stability for Hurst, Texas Residents

The Texas Health & Counseling Group in Hurst, Texas is staffed by caring professionals who understand the impact that pain is having on your life. Our board-certified physicians understand pain from a medical point of view, while our psychologists address the mental and emotional causes and consequences of chronic pain.

One thing that you will love about visiting our Hurst, Texas clinic is that we are committed to treating you as an individual. In some medical settings the doctor is solely concerned about the amount of patients that he or she will be able to see throughout the day. So they cram many patients into their schedule, barely listen to them, giving them prescription medication, and then sending them on their way. The patient’s condition has not been addressed, their pain has not improved, and they simply have pharmaceuticals to mask the pain.

We Care About You

This will never happen at our Hurst, Texas clinic. Since we view you as an individual, and we are keenly interested in hearing your story. Tell us about your pain, and let us use our expertise to design a pain management treatment that is right for you.

The emotional impact that pain has on our clients varies drastically from one person to another. For some, chronic pain only has a mild psychological effect. For others who have lived long-term with intense pain, the psychological toll may be great.

Our trained emotional and mental health professionals will work with you to understand and eliminate all of the negative side effects that stem from pain.

We are keenly interested in helping you live a pain-free life. Please contact us by phone or visit us at our clinic. We accept same-day appointments and walk-in appointments.

You do not have to live with pain another day. Let us show you how you can live pain-free.

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